We have been adding to our resource page – about rattan garden furniture – a series of buying guides for our rattan furniture and I thought that the blog may benefit from some of the same information. I have decided to start with a buying guide for rattan garden chairs. First thing to consider when looking into rattan garden furniture in general is the quality of the manufacture. It's no good buying a cheap rattan suite and then getting home to discover that it is poorly made and not really fit for purpose. The worse ones are the flat packed brigade. You do not want to be putting together flat packed outdoor furniture. Remember that this furniture is outdoors all year round and you don't want it to start wobbling around straight away. In our opinion rattan garden chairs need to be manufactured to a high quality with welded aluminum frames and woven weather proof rattan. We have started to see more and more flat packed frames that bolt together with the rattan woven around the outside. Sometimes they look ok in the photo but the bolts do not last well in the varied weather patterns we see in the UK and they start to corrode. Any corroding of these bolts and you end up with chairs that start to wobble and shake. Solid frames are a necessity for outdoor rattan garden chairs. Suffice to say that Zebrano Rattan only supply rattan garden chairs that have been made using the best materials and none of our rattan dining chairs are flat packed. Having established a good quality build the next thing to consider is the intended use. Sounds obvious but it does make a difference to the chair you will end up buying. Take dining for example. If you think that you will be mainly eating at the table and perhaps have a sofa set which you will move to after the meal then you may want a more upright chair. A more upright chair will give you a more pleasant dining experience than say a reclining chair that is to low and laid back to be comfortable to sit at a table. If dining is your aim then I would recommend the Cadiz or the Girona rattan chairs as they are both upright and this leads to a better dining position. If you are looking to relax more and perhaps only occasionally intend to eat at the table then I would recommend the Bilbao rattan chair. The Bilbao is a larger chair that has a slightly more reclined back which makes it a slightly more comfortable long term seat. If you are undecided on your intended use and think that you will be relaxing just as much as eating then you may want to look at the Barcelona rattan chair. The Barcelona is a large chair than the Cadiz or Girona but it is slightly more upright than the Bilbao, therefore you get the best of both worlds. It may be only marginal but this is worth taking into consideration as it will have an impact in the long term.