I'm having a look at the rattan daybed today and wanted to give you a feel for the type of things to look out for when making a purchase.  First and foremost I would give the same advice as I would for any purchase of rattan garden furniture which is it to make sure the quality is up to scratch.  You don’t want a steel frame that will rust and corrode.  You also don’t want the cheap plastic looking weave that is considerable more brittle than the weave that we use.  Here at Zebrano you can rest assured that the quality issues as we offer the same great quality throughout our range of daybeds.   The daybeds are a relatively new concept that has only really been on the market for three or four years.  Before that is was possible to get a rattan daybed but they were very highly priced and really only intended for commercial use.  Here at Zebrano we started off by selling the Venice Daybed which was seen as somewhat unique at the time.  The Venice had a large canopy that could be raised so that you could get some shade and could also be lowered so that you were exposed to the sun.   In the few years since the Venice Daybed was first launched we have had several new additions to our daybed range and you can now see more than five different style on our daybed page.  Before buying a daybed you will need to consider what you intend to use the bed for.  Is it simple to relax and lounge in the sun or shade?  If that’s the case then something like the classic Venice is the daybed for you.  It is a large oval shape and is perfect for Sunday afternoon naps.   If you require a bit more flexibility to your daybed and perhaps need it to double up as a sofa or you intend to sit up and not just sleep then there are others to choose from.  We have a couple of versatile daybeds that can also be used as sofas such as the Chelsea Daybed or the Jade daybed.  Both of these can be pushed together to form a daybed that you can fully lay down on and yet they can also be pulled apart to create extra seating so that you can use the set as a sofa suite.   Therefore the first step is to consider the intended use.  Once you have done this you can narrow down the set that is right for you.  If you are looking throughout the market place then a key point to consider is the quality of the daybed.  All of our daybeds have an aluminum frame which is rust resistant and all our rattan is fade and water resistant and can be left outside all year round