In today’s market, many people are looking for a bargain, something cheap that fixes their needs easily. However, with garden furniture we don’t believe that looking for that quick fix, cheap option will actually save you any money at all.

In reality, cheap garden furniture is not made to last and that couple of hundred pounds you might be saving, will be spent again when you have to replace your garden furniture in 1-2 years’ time.

Cheap Rusted Garden Furniture

As specialists in rattan garden furniture we know that cheap rattan is made with steel frames and lesser quality PVC/PU synthetic rattans. Whilst you may save a little bit of money, this furniture will not last as it will rust. This could ultimately cost you even more money as the rust will stain your patio or decking orange, which cannot be removed once it stains, meaning you may ultimately have to replace this area as well as buy new furniture.

We believe that to actually save yourself money, always look for top quality furniture that comes with a lengthy guarantee. Our rattan furniture comes with guarantees of up to 10 years. This allows you to seek replacement should any faults occur within this time. However, many top-quality rattan furniture sets that are looked after well will outlast their warranties and you will often not need to replace your garden furniture for 15-20 years.

Top Quality Rattan Furniture

Not only will cheaper garden furniture not last as long but it will also not be as comfortable as top-quality furniture. In Britain, we don’t get much time to enjoy our gardens, so when we do we want to be able to relax in comfort and style. Cheap furniture will not be comfortable to sit in all day long, whereas quality furniture will come with thick padded cushions, comfortable armrests and you will be able to spend all day relaxing, without getting a sore back or a numb bum!

Whilst we recommend spending more initially, to save yourself a lot of money in the long run, that doesn’t mean you always have to spend top dollar. There are ways to find a bargain without having to opt for inferior quality products. For example, knowing when to buy – garden furniture will be cheaper out of season, and many retailers run sales in line with bank holidays, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other popular promotions. Keep an eye on these offers and you will find yourself getting top quality furniture for a fraction of the in-season price.

Visit Our Showroom

Spending more doesn’t always mean spending the most. You can get a high-quality set without spending thousands. This just comes down to knowing the furniture, knowing what materials offer the best weather resistance, comfort and durability. Research is key.

Additionally, we recommend getting to know retailers, suppliers and manufactures and their products. Visit retailers in store, read reviews online, really get a feel of who your buying from and what your buying. Visiting a store where possible is always the best idea, you will be able to seek great knowledge and advice, as well as test the furniture’s quality for yourself.

If you need help stretching your budget and getting the best furniture for your money you can contact us or visit one of our stores for advice.