Now that the weather is getting warmer, the British public love nothing more than to spend their afternoons in a beer garden. But if you run a pub/restaurant with a beer garden you may find that you need more than good weather to attract the punters and keep them there. Here, we talk about what you can do as a business over to improve your outside space and keep customers happy.

Whilst the weather improving can drive customers to your door, what is going to make them choose you over a competitor and more importantly what is going to make them return next time the sun is shining? There is plenty you can do to ensure your customers enjoy their experience in your beer garden and keep returning with more and more friends.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Whilst it sounds obvious, we notice that many pubs and restaurants choose furniture that is not the most weatherproof option. Wood garden furniture get damp and take a long time to dry out, meaning that when it rains (inevitable for a British summer) the furniture will stay wet for a while making it unenjoyable to sit on. Also, metals tend to heat up and become uncomfortable to sit on during high heats.

We recommend avoiding these materials and opting for rattan garden furniture. Rattan is extremely weather resistant, does not become unbearably hot and does not retain water, making it comfortable to use no matter what the weather currently is or has previously been like.

Additionally, rattan is incredibly low maintenance and will not need much care or attention, ideal for a busy business owner.

Rattan Garden Furniture in Beer Garden

Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit table is an incredibly stylish way to improve your beer garden. The fire pit not only looks great, giving your beer garden a more upmarket look, but also will keep your guests warm once the sun goes down, meaning they stay out longer and buy more drinks.

Fire Pit Table

Patio Heater

If you don’t think a fire pit table is the way to go, you need to keep your guests warm somehow and patio heaters are ideal. Whether you opt for a parasol heater that sits above your guests or a tabletop heater that they can operate themselves, keeping your guests warm is key for success once the sun goes down.

Patio Heater

Ice Bucket Sets

If you’re guests are planning on staying the beer garden all day, chances are they will be buying bottles of wine at a time, instead of glasses. Why not offer a place to keep those bottles cool? An ice bucket set allows your guests to keep their drinks cool and if they’re cool, they will go down much easier, sending them back up to the bar regularly.

Somewhere Comfortable

As long as your guests are comfortable, they will stay, so why not add more comfortable spaces like a sofa set or corner sofa set instead of just plain chairs. These spaces allow big groups to relax in comfort and also make for better social spaces than rectangular tables as everyone can chat to one another without seeming far away at the opposite end of the table.

Beer Garden Sofa Set

More Covers

If you have a smaller beer garden and your goal is to get as many covers as possible, we recommend cube sets. These brilliant compact pieces allow you to fit plenty of people in without taking up space. Plus, when it’s time to go home, or certain areas aren’t in use, each piece tucks neatly under the table allowing room to navigate around the set.

If you own a restaurant or a pub with a beer garden and you need help choosing the right furniture for both you and your guests, we recommend visiting our showroom to view and test the furniture in person, or speaking to one of our customer service advisors over the phone.