We’ve previously written about how to turn your garden into a great office space so that you can work outdoors, but what about when the weather isn’t great? You can still get your garden fix by bringing the garden to your office.

Inspired by the photo below that we featured on our Instagram page, we looked at ways you can bring the garden indoors and make your work environment a place for creativity and fresh thinking. Whether you work from home and have a whole room to play with, or whether it’s just a desk at work, there is something everyone can do to bring a little of the outdoors to their office.

Garden Office

Creating an office space that you enjoy, that insights creativity and is an environment that you want to work in is incredibly important for productivity. According to an article on Forbes.com “space provides key guidance to our brains. If we want to be focused and productive, it’s vital that we deeply consider the function and form of the spaces in which we accomplish our work.”

Here, at Zebrano we definitely agree, with so many modern-day distractions such as social media notifications on our phones, internet shopping and, if you’re working from home, all of those household jobs that need doing like that huge pile of dirty clothes or the dirty mugs in the sink that need washing, it can be impossible to work without distractions. Which is why, creating an office space that insights creativity, productivity and positivity is important.

Here are our top tips to creating an office to be proud of:

Pot Plants

If you are taking something green into your office then a pot plant is perfect, it’s easy to relocate and will add a splash of colour to your desk, smelling nice and sparking creativity. If you’re not near any windows then don’t worry there are plenty of plants that don’t need sunlight, our favourites are Dracaena, Bromeliads, Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Calathea, and Peace Lily’s – many of these plants are also very forgiving if you forget to water them, ideal for a busy work environment.



If your office is at home then you’ll have the luxury of being able to hang artwork on your walls and some great outdoor art will help bring the outdoors, in. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset landscape or a nature scene, this artwork is sure to feel inspiring and outdoorsy.


If you’ve got the choice of location for your office space, then choose somewhere with outdoor views. If you’ve got brilliant French doors in the kitchen, then why not make sure your desk is next to them, allowing you to look out at the garden without having to be outdoors. The picturesque outdoor scene will be calming and hopefully help you to concentrate.

Natural Materials

Another way to bring the outdoors, indoors, is to use natural materials. A rustic wooden desk or bookshelf, an oak wood floor, bamboo pencil holders, or other natural materials can make your office feel like the middle of the rain forest, creating a peaceful environment allowing you to do your best work.

Natural Materials

You could even use garden furniture! Rattan garden furniture is incredibly supportive, comfortable and looks equally as good indoors as it does outdoors, especially in conservatories or bright open spaces. What better way to feel like you’re outdoors than sitting on outdoor furniture?

A Natural Colour Scheme

If you can choose the colour of your office, then opt for a natural colour scheme that depicts the outdoors. From earthy greens and brown accent tones to sky blues, these colours are said to not only remind you of the outdoors but also to be calming, allowing you to concentrate.

If you want something more imaginative, then how about a yellow colour to remind you of the sun? Bright and bold colours are equally good for inciting productivity and getting those creative juices flowing.

No matter how you choose to make your office space more like the outdoors, we believe that these top tips will help you work better in your office environment.