Best way to clean rattan furniture

Best way to clean rattan furniture.

Extend the lifespan of rattan furniture – check these tricks

Rattan is a popular material in outdoor furniture making.  It became popular during the 19th century in its natural rattan form as a less expensive and lighter option to the heavy furniture materials manufacturers used.   But modern day synthetic rattan furniture items have become very popular as they are very hard wearing and can be left outside in all weather conditions.  However rattan furniture items are not used only to decorate outdoor spaces, a lot of people consider them perfect to be placed indoors.   

Original natural rattan furniture is native to Indonesia and the surrounding areas. It is a vine-like plant that grows to extreme lengths and is fast growing so perfect for sustainable production.  The outer shells of the vine are removed and woven into flexible and durable furniture items.  The cane or the inner core of the plant is used to make weight-baring furnishings such as chairs.  This material is very durable, and rattan furniture items last many years if you properly care them. Here are some tricks that will help you extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture set. 

You should clean them gently

You should use a soft cloth to dust the furniture regularly. It is not necessary to polish the rattan corner set, but you can use it sparingly.  You should never use abrasive creams or paint thinners on the outdoor rattan furniture to clean it, because it will damage its surface and durability. 

Make sure to dry the furniture well

You have to take care not to soak the furniture sets you have installed outdoors or indoors.  You can use mild furniture cleaner with a damp cloth, but you have to pay attention to maintain the furniture items dry.  If you notice that the plant material becomes oversaturated, then you should place the furniture items in the sunlight.  If you are cleaning natural rattan furniture then ensure that the furniture remains as dry as possible.  Generally, the plant material returns to its original shape, but you have to take care not to bend the items while they are wet. 

Pay attention to mildew

If you notice that mould or mildew begin to form, then you should clean the affected areas with soapy water.  There are special products you can use, but soapy water should do the job, if you do not want to waste money.  You can use a medium bristle and a dry brush to remove the mildew and mould. 

You have to rotate the furniture items

If the furniture you purchase is made from natural fibres, then you will notice that it fades in time, if you leave it in strong sunlight.  In the case of Zebrano Rattan we only use synthetic all weather rattan that has been UV protected so damage from the sun is limited.  If you opt for natural plant material, then you should rotate the items throughout the space to distribute the fading. A great solution would be to install awnings or blinds, because in this way you reduce the extreme sun exposure. You should keep the furniture away from extreme heat because it can overly dry or warp it. 

As we focus on all weather rattan garden furniture here at Zebrano our advice when it comes to cleaning is hot soapy water.  It really is as simple as that!