Despite the recent snow, there is no better time to look forward to the summer. For those of us that love a bargain now is the time to start your search for the best garden furniture for 2019.

We need to have something to look forward to and lounging around in the summer sun is as good a thought as any. In fact, most garden related retailers will have pretty good discounts on at the moment so you may be able to bag more than you thought possible.  Here at Zebrano we certainly have some great offers on at the moment.

So let's take a look at the best garden furniture options for 2019.

Best garden furniture 2019

Before you buy your Garden Furniture.

Before diving straight into the various different styles of patio furniture available to you, you need to consider two things. Firstly, consider the location of the furniture. Are you planning on putting the furniture on a patio area or perhaps in a courtyard?

Is the area large or small? The location of your suite will have an impact on the type of set you end up purchasing.

If the location is a sun-trap you may prefer a pair of sun loungers for example. Or at the very least you will want to consider a parasol to shade you from the sun. It’s always best to consider your own situation prior to starting your search. When you visit showrooms it’s all too easy to get carried away and end up with the wrong suite for your garden.

Secondly, what is the intended use for the furniture? By that I mean is it primarily for just the immediate family or are you planning on hosting large parties?

Again this will affect your eventual decision as there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. As with the location question, it is better to get it straight in your head what your intended use will be prior to visiting any showrooms. Garden furniture showrooms are often large areas with very high ceilings and your set can look quite different once you get it back home.

So before starting your search consider:

• Intended location of your garden furniture. (This will affect the size and type of set you purchase)
• The intended use of your garden furniture. (This will affect the style of set you purchase.)

Maybe you could draw out the size and shape of the area you intend to put your garden setting.

Recommended footprint

Once you’ve established the above you can hone in on the types of garden furniture products to start searching for.

Five best garden furniture set categories.

1. Table and chairs – classic garden furniture - Most people go for the dining set option.
2. Sofa Sets – Contemporary – More and more popular in recent years.
3. Sun Loungers – Relax and chill – great for a suntrap or for the sun worshippers among you.
4. Daybeds - The fashionable alternative to the Sunlounger.
5. Casual dining – a combination set that you can both dine and relax on.

Enjoy a BBQ on a table and chair set

Each one of the above has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. The dining table and chairs are a classic look and are perfect if you are planning on eating outdoors rather than just relaxing. As I said above if you feel that you will be more likely to use the furniture to soak up the sun then perhaps the sun lounger or daybed option is for you?

Overall I'd say that most people go for a table and chairs as it fits almost all situations. Perfect for BBQ's or for enjoying a quick cup of coffee in the sun.

Check out this article in the Independent for some extra ideas on garden dining tables.

Outdoor Sofa sets are perfect for relaxing

If you think you will be usually using your garden set to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine then an outdoor sofa suite may be the one for you. Outdoor sofa sets have become more and more popular over the last few years. It used to be that only the top hotels would have sofa suites outside. These days there are so many options that everyone is getting in on the action.

Outdoor sofa sets add a real contemporary feel to an outdoor area so if it's a cool, stylish look you are going for then maybe a sofa suite is right for you.

Casual Dining sets have the best of both worlds.

Desirable Rattan Dining Sets

If you are not sure if you want a sofa set or dining set and you haven't got the room for both then maybe the Casual Dining set is the one for you. Casual dining is a term used to describe a set that has a multi-purpose.

Take this one for example. As you can see there is not only a dining table but also a corner sofa. This means that the dining table can be removed or put to one side when not in use and the area can be transformed into an alfresco lounge. You can chill out with some friends and enjoy a drink in a more relaxing environment. Add the table back in if you are going to eat and need a bit more of a formal look. Perfect!

Worship the suns rays with Daybeds and Sun Loungers.

There is always someone in the house that loves to get a tan. If you think that is what your garden furniture will be used for it's no good buying a table and chairs. Better to install a bit of true comfort with a stunning pair of sun loungers.

A popular alternative to the sun lounger is an outdoor daybed. The daybeds tend to be a little more unique in appearance and yet offer the same comfort when lying under the sun.

Ok, so you have decided what you are planning on using your furniture for. You should now know whether a table and chairs or a sofa set are best suited to your garden and your needs. Now it’s time to decide what your furniture will be manufactured out of.

It’s best to consider the pro’s and con’s to each type of material before starting your search. If you've already narrowed down the type of material is best for you then it will save you a lot of time and effort when you start your search.

The best material for manufacturing garden furniture.

Five best materials for garden furniture.

1 Rattan or all Weather Wicker– contemporary and hard wearing
2 Teak or Hardwood – Classic and timeless
3 Plastic – Versatile and can be cost-effective.
4 Metal –Strong and hard wearing.
5 Softwood – Cost effective.
6 New Entry for 2019 – Fabric Garden Furniture

Why is Rattan Garden Furniture So Popular?

All-Weather Rattan is perfect for that contemporary look.

First up Rattan Garden Furniture. I had to start here! We are specialists in rattan after all! As specialists in rattan or all-weather wicker garden furniture, I do have a soft spot for it. That said the reason we specialise in rattan is because of how well it lasts in all weathers. We are garden furniture specialist really and it’s just that synthetic rattan performs the best when left outside.

Rattan Garden Furniture is manufactured from man-made synthetic fibers that are both lightweight and UV protected. This means that the furniture is not only easy to move but also ensures that the colour does not fade in the sun. Rattan patio furniture is also water resistant and therefore able to stay outside all year round. Here is a photo of my set in my garden over the weekend. As you can see rattan is very much an all weather product.

For a classic look, try Teak Garden Furniture

Next up let's take a look at Teak Garden Furniture. In a previous life, I worked down under in sunny Sydney for a company that specialized in Teak Garden Furniture. I have fond memories of this time and think teak is a fantastic material for garden furniture. Teak has some unique features that make it perfect for outdoor use.

For starters, teak has a tight, close grain that makes it very difficult for water to penetrate. As we are somewhat susceptible to the odd shower in the UK it is very important that whatever patio furniture you choose it is capable of withstanding the weather.

Teak is so good at withstanding the impact of water that for many years it was the go-to material for boat builders. Even now you will see teak decking on many of the world's superyachts.

On the downside, teak will change colour when left outside. Sadly it does not stay that beautiful light brown colour but instead goes a silver grey colour in time. Take a look at this teak bench to see the different colour teak takes on over time.

In theory, you could maintain a nice silver colour but the only way to do this is to continually scrub the teak. This task can be maintained on a yacht perhaps as scrubbing the decks is a daily task but it is unlikely that garden furniture has this luxury. Does anyone really have the time to scrub their furniture every day?

There are not many of us that have the time to be continually cleaning and therefore the teak will get dirty and ultimately start growing moss and the like. Customers complain that the furniture can go a dirty colour with algae and moss often seen growing. If you think of an old park bench you may get the idea.

So, in conclusion, teak is a great material for garden furniture but has the downside of losing its appearance over time.

For a cost-effective option try Plastic garden Sets.

Number three on my list is plastic garden furniture. Plastic is a very versatile material and can be molded into any shape or size.  It is incredibly hard wearing and can withstand most weather conditions.  Cost effective is also positive with plastic furniture and therefore does not hit your pocket too hard. Sounds great right? In fairness, if price and longevity are your two most important factors then yes, plastic is perfect for you.

The let down is in the style of plastic furniture. It’s difficult not to sound a little bias here but plastic garden furniture is not a great looker. Check out this set for example. Is this really what you want your friends and family sitting on this summer?

For price and durability though, plastic scores high.

Metal Furniture is perfect for those looking for strength and longevity.

Next up we have Metal Garden Furniture. As you can imagine metal is a strong, hard wearing product and is a pretty good material for garden furniture. Ultimately metal is susceptible to the rain as it will corrode over time. However, this will generally take many years so will last you a good amount of time.

There are ways to slow down the corrosion process such as purchasing galvanized products or you could paint the furniture with something like Hammerite to protect the furniture from the elements.Maintaining Your Garden Furniture

Soft Wood Patio Furniture is good for a quick fix.

Number five on our list is softwood garden furniture. Not my most favorite to be honest as softwoods do have a tendency to not last very long when left outside. As we all leave our furniture outside most of the time it doesn't make to much sense to me to use a soft wood when manufacturing garden furniture. That said if you like to change your furniture often and would rather have something cheap and cheerful then this may be the one for you.

Let's try and focus on the positives. Cost effective is certainly a positive for many people. Because softwoods are very fast growing there tends to be a ready supply of the raw material. This combined with the fact that it is easy to work the wood means that the overall cost of production is lower than their hardwood counterpart.

Softwoods such as Cedar, Douglas fir and Pine do not have as dense a grain as hardwood trees such as Oak or Teak. Generally, the denser the grain the harder wearing the wood is. Especially when left outdoors like garden furniture. When the grain is tight and the wood dense water finds it hard to seep in and therefore does not degrade at the same speed. Softwood can rot much quicker and joints and fixings do not retain their strength so easily.

About 80% of all timber comes from softwood and it has a wide range of applications including furniture, building materials, paper and much more. (Source:

New For 2019 – Fabric Garden Furniture

I do tend to rave a lot about the qualities of synthetic rattan but I have to say I do love the new fabric garden furniture.

We started to see a rise in fabric garden furniture last year but this year I think it is set to burst onto the scene and really make some waves. The downside is that it can be a little more expensive than the other materials but on the plus side the style and comfort are second to none.

Stunning design and contemporary colours will see this range feature heavily in years to come in my opinion. We are already seeing this style of garden furniture appearing in the hotels and restaurants around Europe. Normally with garden furniture trends originate in commercial settings like hotels and restaurants before filtering down to the retail market.

Currently, Fabric furniture is rather costly but for those with a little more to spend you may well prefer to invest the extra money.

So I have covered the different types of sets you should be thinking of depending on your space and required use. I have also covered the different types of material available. The rest is up to you!

Different styles and different materials may suit one house better than another so not everyone will require the same set. Teak may suit an older house like this classic Lutyens bench for example. Obviously, we all have different tastes so that again will be reflected in our choices.

Now let me get my crystal ball out and try to predict the best selling ranges in the coming year.

Predicted Best selling Garden furniture sets for 2019.

Overall I still see the Rattan Garden Furniture ranges as this year's best sellers. The classic teak ranges will be the go-to choice for the more traditional customer and the Plastic and softwood ranges will still be popular for those on a budget.

The new player in the market is sure to be Fabric Garden Furniture. While I think it is still pricing itself out of the main market I feel it will take more and more market share as the years go on.

So here’s this year's predicted top five sellers:

1) Amelia Six Seat Dining Set.

Dining sets are always a favorite and I expect this to be the case in the upcoming 2019 season. I’m going to start with a classic six seat dining set. The Amelia set is both practical and stylish. Comfortably seats six and comes with a glass topped table which is always handy when wiping away the crumbs.

This table comes with a hole in the middle so that a parasol can be used if the sun is too much to bear.

The Amelia comes with a five-year warranty as well as free delivery and at the current price, it is sure to fly off the shelves. I fancy it will be one of the best selling sets this year.

Rattan Dining Set

2) Lyon Two Seat Sofa Set

As mentioned above the outdoor lounge vibe is very much on trend at the moment. People love to create an outdoor living room with sofas and coffee tables. The Lyon Two Seat Sofa Set does just that and at a price that will suit most budgets.

The set comes with a two seat sofa, two armchairs as well as a coffee table and a footstool. All the cushions are included so all you have to add is the drinks and nibbles! The set also comes with our five-year guarantee as well as free delivery.

Preseason orders are coming in fast so give us a ring to secure your suite today.

Lyon 2 seat sofa


3) Cambridge Casual dining Set.

This set is the best of both worlds. You have the dining table element of the set when you are looking to eat. Seating for the dining table is provided by a corner sofa and footstools. Then you can move the table out and have a corner sofa with the footstools when you are looking to kick back and relax.

If you are not planning on eating but instead just having a few drinks then the lightweight table can be simply moved to another spot in the garden. If you’re not sure whether to go for the table and chairs or the sofa set then maybe a casual dining set like this one is for you. The Cambridge gives you the best of both worlds!

Perfect for relaxing as well as for full on dining.

Rattan Garden Furniture Flat Weave

4) 4 Seat Deluxe Cube.

Another versatile suite here, the cube sets have been one of our best selling sets ever since they arrived on the market. In fairness, it’s not hard to see why. If you are restricted for space the cube can be packed away into a neat square.

If you have lots of space the cube can be spread out with footstool providing extra seating. A set that looks like a four-seater can actually seat eight.

Very versatile and very neat. The cube even looks great in the snow as you can see from my set last weekend.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Garden Furniture from Zebrano

5 Nova Fino Fabric Corner set.

It’s an outside bet for 2019 as I do think that pound for pound this range is not as good as the Rattan Garden Furniture ranges. However, I think it is one for the future.

This Nova Fino corner set is manufactured using the UV and water repellant Sunbrella fabric. This makes the set perfect for staying outdoors all year round. Available here from Whitestores we hope to be able to offer this range on our Zebrano site soon.

Available throughout the UK you will be sure to start seeing it in your local garden centres soon. I love this look as it pushes the boundaries of where the interior of a house becomes the exterior. For those of you looking for an indoor look outside this range is for you.


Hopefully, that's given you some ideas on the likely best selling garden furniture ranges for 2019. In fairness, everyone is different when it comes to garden furniture tastes. We all live in a variety of different sized homes with no two gardens being the same. The size of the outdoor space will have a huge impact on the type of set you are able to comfortably fit. Even the different architecture of our homes will have an impact on the set we choose. You would not want an ultra modern garden suite in a four-hundred-year-old cottage for example.


Consumer price inflation for Garden Furniture is currently steady at a little over 0.3%.  (Office of National Statistics) That has been the case for the last few years but with Brexit around the corner, you wonder what impact this will have on the industry?  I suspect that with pre-season sales currently on and the likelihood of an economy disrupted by Brexit only six weeks away now could prove to be the best time to buy your garden furniture.

If you need any further assistance or information on any of our sets then why not pop into one of our showrooms or give us a call on 0333 1 210 218 as we are always happy to help.