Belle Rattan Arrives at Zebrano.

Belle Rattan - It sounds like a fairy tale!  To Zebrano it is a fairy tale because its just to good to be true!   Belle rattan offers a whole variety of fantastic rattan garden furniture not only at a great price but fantastic quality.  This range is sure to bring a little sparkle to any outdoor patio area. Ashford rectangular rattan dining set

Ashford rectangular rattan dining set[/caption] This week I featured the Ashdown rectangular dining set with 8 chairs as the product of the week because I just couldn't believe that Belle rattan were offering this dining set at such an amazing price.   With our 10% off discount code (which expires on Sunday) you can pick this garden furniture set up for only £674.10!     I kid you not!  For a rattan garden dining set that seats 8 people I truly believe that you will not find better value for money anywhere else on the market place.


What Belle Rattan enables us to offer our customers is furniture at a budget price but with luxury quality.   We used to offer a budget range of rattan furniture at Zebrano Rattan but we were never happy with the quality of the cushions or frames.  However Belle rattan delivers high quality frame, cushion and rattan at a budget price.  This makes us very happy as we get very excited when we can offer our customers such high quality at such great prices.   We have decided not to call Belle Rattan our budget range because even though its a budget price its not a cheap budget quality and to call it budget would be an injustice to Belle Rattan!  Belle is as its name suggests, a beautiful, elegant, vibrant, stylish and eye catching collection that will spread warmth and joy where ever it goes!    So don't be deceived by the price.  What you have found here really is a fairy tale!   Belle rattan not only offers the Ashdown collection but also the Seaford rattan dining sets.  The collections offer a full range of dining sets from bistro sets right up to ten seater sets.  The main difference between the sets are the design of the chair.   So you get to choose your look, with arms or without arms?  I really like both chairs as the both offer a different feature to the dining sets.  The armless Ashdown chairs offer a bit more space around your table which enables your guests to manoeuvre easily around the table without the chair arms getting in the way.  However the Seaford chairs offer more comfort with the arms and curved backs.   So it really depends on your requirements but both chairs look stunning. [caption id="attachment_1443" align="alignnone" width="295"]seaford rectangular rattan dining set seaford rectangular rattan dining set[/caption]   What I really love about these sets is that the chairs stack which is great if you need to put the seating away at night or you like to store your garden furniture away during the winter.  If packing things away is not for you then there is no need to worry as the aluminium frames and synthetic rattan are of such good quality that they can be left out all year round.  They are rust proof and wont rust or fade in any weather and don't even need to be covered.  The worse that can happen is that a bird poo's on your rattan furniture but in that case you can clean it with warm soapy water and its good as new.  We never cover our rattan and in the spring my husband gets his power washer out and gives the whole set a blast and we have ourselves a brand new set for another year.  Our rattan garden furniture is 7years old now and it still looks brand new! rattan furniture in the snow Anyway I digress as I really do get carried away with how good this furniture is!  Sad I know but I just cant help it!  Lets get back to the Beautiful Belle Rattan!   The dining sets also come in a range of coloured weave, brown, black or grey.   The choice of colour gives you even more choice for your garden.  The brown rattan fits in beautifully with a traditional English garden look and the black and grey rattan offer a more contemporary look.   While choosing your dining set you also need to decide if you need a round or rectangular shape for your garden.  What I love about garden furniture is that your not confined by walls like you are when looking for a table indoors.   You can have that big 1.8m round table that wouldn't fit in your dining room or a big 2m rectangular table which definitely wont fit into my house. cushion_colours-zebrano   The variety, choice, quality and value that Belle rattan offer with their dining sets really gives you no reason to look any further.   The first step is to decide how many people you need to seat?  Then what colour suites your garden setting?  The next step is to decide on shape, which shape suits your social requirements or suits your patio area.   Then which chair suits your requirements best?  The Ashdown armless chair which allows you and your guests to manoeuvre around your garden set with ease or the Seaford chair with arms which gives you that added comfort with the shaped back?   So there's a few decisions you need to make before deciding on your Belle Rattan dining set but one thing is for sure is that you will end up with a fantastic garden dining set for a great price that will last you for years and be the envy of all your guests.   We are absolutely delighted to welcome Belle Rattan to the Zebrano family.