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  1. Steady start to rattan furniture season is set to rocket

    Steady start to the season is set to rocket… I’d say we have had a steady start to our rattan garden furniture season in 2016. Since the turn of the year the weather has not exactly been on our side as far as sitting in the garden is concerned and we have had several cold snaps at the beginning of... Read more
  2. Visit our showroom and choose from over 100 sets of rattan garden furniture!

    Visit our showroom and choose from over 100 sets of rattan garden furniture!     Did you know that we have the largest rattan garden furniture showroom in the UK!  With over 100 sets of garden furniture on display you wont be disappointed with your visit.  Our specialist sales team are on call to help you with any questions you... Read more
  3. Rattan calendar - uses of rattan throughout the year!

    A material for all seasons, rattan furniture can be used throughout the year in a variety of different ways around the home. Rattan furniture can play a pivotal role in your home during every month of the year, helping you to enjoy the heat of the summer sun as well as the coziness of the dark winter nights. We take... Read more
  4. Rattan baskets

    As one of the naturally strongest vines, rattan makes the obvious choice for storage receptacles, such as baskets and boxes. Synthetic rattan has the same qualities, offering strength and toughness alongside its attractive weave. Rattan is well known for being the material that beautiful furniture is made from, but as well as sofas, chairs and dining sets, rattan can make... Read more
  5. News

    RHS Hyde Hall Garden Show 30th July 2nd Aug Coming up soon near our showroom is the Hyde Hall Garden show. One of the best RHS garden shows, it features 60 specialist nurseries and garden trade stands from around the area. We have heard great things about this show directly from our customers as often our customers have either just... Read more
  6. rattan kitchen furniture

    They say the heart of any home lies in the kitchen; it's the place when food is lovingly prepared, where the family comes together to chat, and where quiet moments of peace are enjoyed. No matter whether you have a tiny studio flat or a sprawling mansion, a kitchen is the one room that no-one can do without. And it... Read more
  7. rattan garden storage

    Having a garden which is attractive as your property is a hot trend which is set to continue, with not just shrubs and plants creating the landscape, but rattan furniture too. But with the volatile UK climate, being able to enjoy hot and sunny weather all year round is an unfortunate impossibility which means it's vital to have furniture which... Read more
  8. differences wicker rattan furniture

    Wicker furniture has been around for a long time and can complement a variety of decor styles. Although often associated with garden or conservatory furniture, wicker and rattan furniture can be used all over the house, particularly in rooms where resistance to moisture is required. Rattan conservatory furniture But should you look for rattan or wicker when purchasing furniture with... Read more
  9. typical colour options rattan furniture

    typical colour options rattan furniture
    Rattan is a member of the palm family, an exotic vine which is twisted and woven using ancient techniques to create beautiful and long-lasting items of furniture. However, whilst the natural material has many advantages, it's not well equipped to cope with the ravages of the British weather, originating from a very different climate. For this reason, synthetic rattan was... Read more
  10. What is the difference between rattan and bamboo?

    The modern trends for furniture which has a natural appearance and is sustainable means that other materials in addition to wood are increasingly being sought after. Rattan and bamboo both have the reputation of being a sustainable commodity which can be chosen as a viable alternative to more traditional materials, but do you understand what each of these terms mean... Read more

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