1. Create A Garden Worthy of a Weekend Getaway

    Create A Garden Worthy of a Weekend Getaway
    In these strange times ahead, it seems we won’t be leaving the comfort of our own homes very much, which is why we think it’s a great idea to turn your garden into a haven that feels like a weekend getaway to a summer house. Follow our top tips below to achieve a garden sanctuary that offers a little rest... Read more
  2. Modern Outdoor Room Ideas

    Modern Outdoor Room Ideas
    Look at your garden as an extension of your home and create an outdoor room, not just an outdoor space. Doing so will encourage you to spend more time outdoors with loved ones and add a whole new atmosphere to your garden. Here are the things we recommend for your modern outdoor room: Somewhere to sit The key feature of... Read more
  3. Low Budget Garden Ideas That You Can Do Yourself

    Low Budget Garden Ideas That You Can Do Yourself
    We are spending more and more time in our gardens and many of us are spending much more money on garden furniture, to make our garden an enjoyable space, than ever before. But, if you don’t want to throw money at your garden, we’ve got some great low budget DIY ideas to improve the look and feel of your garden... Read more
  4. Springing Ahead to a Better Garden

    Springing Ahead to a Better Garden
    It may still be winter and far too cold for many of us to even consider spending time in the garden, but that’s why now is the best time to look ahead to spring and start shopping for garden furniture. Using the winter months to shop for garden furniture is a great idea, not only because you will find that... Read more
  5. Achieving a Low Maintenance Front Garden

    Achieving a Low Maintenance Front Garden
    It’s easy to neglect our front garden as we focus on the back garden as a place to spend time and relax. However, improving your front garden not only improves the look of your home but it can also add huge value to your property. So, here are our top tips for achieving a good-looking front garden that is easy... Read more
  6. Can Rattan Garden Furniture Get Wet?

    Can Rattan Garden Furniture Get Wet?
    We’re in the damp and rainy season and we’re sure many of you have left your rattan garden furniture outside, so the question is, can rattan furniture get wet? Well that all depends on what type of rattan furniture you have. Authentic rattan furniture, made from tropical palms including bamboo, is not fully weatherproof and will rot when it gets... Read more
  7. Weatherproof Garden Furniture Sets

    Weatherproof Garden Furniture Sets
    If you’re choosing new garden furniture or you simply want to know how to protect your current furniture from the winter weather, we’ve got all the answers on which garden furniture is the most weatherproof. If you’re planning on shopping for new garden furniture this year then, as you live in the temperamental British climate, you will want to look... Read more
  8. The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter

    The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers for Winter
    Looking after your garden furniture correctly helps to prolong its life and allows you to get the most use out of your furniture. So, in order to give your furniture the best protection in winter we have recommended the best outdoor furniture covers. Whilst many types of garden furniture including rattan garden furniture are incredibly weatherproof and could be left... Read more
  9. Choosing Your Garden Colour Scheme

    Choosing Your Garden Colour Scheme
    Are you planning a garden revamp this year? Choosing your colour scheme is the best place to start as it will dictate all of the choices you make and help everything to match. Below, we have uncovered the psychology of different colours according to colour-affects.co.uk to help you choose the colour that speaks to you the most, as well as... Read more
  10. The Winter Gardener

    The Winter Gardener
    If you’re a keen gardener then a little bit of cold weather isn’t going to stop you getting green-fingered and spending time doing jobs in your garden, but for many, they wouldn’t know where to start. We’re here to offer top tips to turn you into an avid winter gardener. January can often be the coldest month and that’s set... Read more

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