Assembling Your Rattan Garden Furniture Are you fed up with buying some great looking piece of furniture only to find you need a degree in engineering to assemble it?  To be honest both my brother and Father both had degrees in engineering and they were still no good at assembling furniture!  Fear not as here at Zebrano we are offering an assembling service to take away all the hassle associated with putting the furniture together.  We have had one or two calls over the years with exasperated customers trying to put tables together and this year we have decided to offer the service.  As with all of these things it is easy when you know how!  Our staffs are fully trained and are well aware of any potential pit falls when it comes to assembling rattan garden furniture.  In all fairness the chairs are already assembled and are delivered ready to use but the tables do require some simple image Another potential issue once the furniture has been assembled is all the cardboard and packing material.  With our new service we also offer to remove all of the packaging so that you have no hassle at all!  All you need to do is bring the wine and the bottle opener and you are good to go!  Unfortunately we are only able to provide this assembly service within a two hundred mile radius of the showroom at the moment but we do hope to roll this out throughout the country if demand is high enough. [caption id="attachment_1442" align="alignnone" width="295"]Ashford rectangular rattan dining set Ashford rectangular rattan dining set[/caption] Step one:  Ordering your Rattan Garden furniture Hopefully this is the easy one!  Well that said all the steps are easy if we are putting the furniture together for you so perhaps choosing the furniture in the first place is the hard bit!  We have lots of help and advice on the site if you are having trouble picking the right piece of furniture for your garden so don’t be afraid to browse the website, give us a call or even pop into the showroom for some good old fashioned eye contact.  If you live in Essex or fancy a little trip out for the day you will be made to feel more than welcome in our extended showrooms here in Wickford. Unit 8, Capitol Industrial Centre Fulmar Way Wickford Essex SS11 8YW 20150114_113050 Step two: Organizing Delivery of your Rattan Furniture. We have a dedicated sales team that will walk you through our ordering process from navigating the website to placing an order and then ultimately receiving and using your furniture.  Part of that process is organizing the delivery.  We will ensure that you are happy with the delivery day and the delivery method before organizing a suitable appointment with you.  If you choose to go for the assembly package our drivers will then unload your furniture into your garden before unpacking the goods and assembling each item.  Finally our deliverymen will place the rattan garden furniture in the location of your choice before removing all the packaging and leaving the patio area clean of any cardboard and affiliated rubbish.   Step three:  Using your Garden furniture. This one really is the easy one.  All you need for this step is some good food, good wine and some good company!  Through in a little good weather and you have hit the jackpot!  Unfortunately we can’t supply the good weather but we can make sure that you and your friends can enjoy your garden furniture in comfort and style.  We have some stunning ranges to choose from and you are sure to find something that suits your needs either in our showroom our by browsing our website. So if you have had enough of assembling garden furniture and would like us to take the strain on your behalf give us a call to arrange our deluxe service right away.  We are here to help and are happy to discuss any special requirement you may have. [caption id="attachment_80" align="alignnone" width="838"]Sunny weather Roll on the sunshine!![/caption]