I couldn't get up Tuesday morning as I had been cheering on Andy Murray in his epic US Open on Monday night / Tuesday morning. It is now the time to raise glasses in a toast to Andy Murray, the one who has just won a Grand Slam singles after outlasting Novak Djokovic in a thrilling five-set US Open Final. With this victory, Murray has made it into the history books, the first Grand Slam title by a British male in the last 76 years. His achievement has also proven the smart prediction by his tennis coach Ivan Lendl early this year that Murray will make his way to the top after going through a lot of pain. For Murray the moment has finally come and his fisrt grand slam win was the US Open. Hopefully the first of many.  I did wonder if the Olympic win might give him the beleif that he can win in a big final but I guess we'll never know if this had anything to do with it. I wonder if our recent win in the Online Retail Awards will spur us on to greater things?  We have just come up with a new interactive element to the website that we think our customers will love.  Top secret for now as we wouldn't want our competition to copy our ideas.  They do enough of that as it is! We have been inspired by our win in the ORA and I sure hope that Murray will go on to more and more Grand Slams and his historic win.