I did not know spectators to the Olympic events need to adhere to certain brand rules. After issues on sponsorships have received criticisms during the Beijing Olympics, here we are once more battling over brand issues and marketing concerns. While soaking up the sun on my Zebrano rattan cube set yesterday on one of the hottest days of the year so far, I could feel the heat burning intensely not from the sun but from critics of the London 2012 brand rules. What seems to be causing the dispute is the event’s ruling that attires, clothing or paraphernalia depicting competitors of Olympics sponsors should not be seen within the event venues. Lord Coe explained that for the sake of protecting sponsors to the games, spectators should be banned from wearing shirts marked with Coca-cola and Adidas competitors. The Olympics is expecting to raise much from them that some rules need to be implemented. The Olympics Committee has reiterated certain provisions on the agreement between them and the sponsors. It says that they would have sole global marketing rights covering the sale of products and services inside the venues of Olympic game. Some of the sponsors aside from Coca-cola include McDonald’s, Heineken, Deloitte, Cadbury, Adidas, Lloyds TSB and British Airways. According to Coe, the need to ban other brands will not only protect the sponsors but will also raise money enough to subsidize tax due our taxpayers. Indeed, it pays to be brand conscious especially when choosing for furniture like Zebrano. Branding ensures quality for money spent.  In the case of rattan garden furniture you need look no further than the top placed company on the Google rankings.  We are not there by chance.  Our website is considered by Google to be the most relevant for the search term ‘rattan furniture’.   I always think you need to be weary of those websites that ‘pay per click’ to be shown on the first page of results by Google.  For those that don’t know, the pay per click advertisers are those shown in the shaded section at the top of the page and also those shown down the right hand side.  I’ll blog about the PPC (pay per click) in more detail another day. Anyway back to the Olympics!  In case of the London 2012, spectators may adhere to the rules because it does not really take a branded shirt to enjoy watching your favorite game or your favorite players. What bothers me is the type of brands that the Olympics choose to associate themselves with.  Coca Cola , McDonalds, Heinekin.  Not exactly the staple diet of an athlete!  Not that I am one to talk!  I don’t mind the companies trying to get in on the action as they are just doing there job but it does seem like a great opportunity for the Olympics to inspire the young by showing them that fruit and Veg is what makes you an athlete.  Not beer and burgers!