I keep whistling the old Crowded house song, four seasons in one day' around the office today. It was bitterly cold this morning and there were still some remnants of the snow from the weekend. It rained when I dropped the kids at school and now we are having flashes of bright sunshine!! I guess this is what to expect of a spring day? It is certainly nice to see the sun shining on our new rattan garden furniture. We have been setting up the showroom with our new rattan garden stock over the past two weeks and it looks great! Well I guess I would say that as I have been one of the people setting up. I think it is now fair to say we have an extensive range of all weather rattan furniture on display. We have two showrooms dedicated to the rattan furniture and we even have some in the courtyard proving its renowned all weather status. I have left some sets outside, uncovered for more than a year now just so that I can show our customers exactly how it will look as the years pass by. It is very difficult to see the difference between sets that have gone out last week and ones that have been left out throughout the winter. The only difference is signs of dirt. It's actually quite difficult to see the dirt on the brown sets as there two tone shading makes it very hard for the dirt to show up. A little bit of hot soapy water and you would never tell the difference. My next job is to clear out the warehouse of discontinued stock and make it available for the early bird savers. Check out this Santiago fire pit set for example. This whole suite is available for only £349 on a first come first served basis. The new firpits are all the rage and brings a bit of warmth to a summers evening as well as the hypnotic movements of a real flame. We do sell the firepits on there own if that was more your thing. Anyway, let's hope we get more sunshine and less snow in the coming weeks. If you're thinking of purchasing rattan garden furniture this year the smart money will get in early as the discounts are great at the moment. Have a look at our rattan sale page for more details.


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