If you’re looking for a cost-effective and simple way to add value to your property in terms of money and physical well-being, then a garden room could be the answer.

A Garden Room

A garden room is the perfect way to add space to your home and increase its value on the market. Whether you’ve simply outgrown your indoor space but don’t want to move right now, or you fancy something like a home office or a home gym, an outdoor room can add that bit of extra space you need without intrusive or complicated extension builds.

Garden Room

The Illusion

If you don’t want to close off an area of your garden and fill it with an outdoor building or room, a great way to create the illusion of an outdoor room is with a pergola. This pergola will offer a sheltered area without closing off this space.

There are several choices of pergola on the market, from wooden pergolas that look amazing when you grow climbing plants up the sides and over the top to aluminium pergolas that offer opening and closing louvres so you can fully shelter your space to use it even in adverse weather conditions.

This is perfect to add furniture underneath such as a corner sofa or dining area as it allows you to use this furniture all year-round and not just when the sun is shining.

How Property Value Is Increased

Outdoor Pergola

These outdoor rooms and pergolas increase the value of your home as they offer extra space and also look incredibly impressive – particularly permanent outdoor structures. Depending on the size and style of the garden room will depend on how much this increases the value of your property.

How They Improve Well-Being

Your well-being is also improved with these outdoor rooms as you can transform them into something that you enjoy doing. Whether that is a gym space to not only improve your physical health but mental health too, or a craft room to do something you enjoy, or an office that is separate from your house allowing you to work well and more productively, this space can offer ample opportunity for improvement of quality of life.

Particularly with pergolas, being able to use the garden for longer stretches of time, no matter the weather, will allow you to enjoy more fresh air, more quality time with loved ones and improve your overall mental well-being.

Rattan Sofa Sets

The Cost

The cost of the project is totally dependent on what size you opt for and whether you want a physical building structure or something softer and more flexible like a pergola. However, all of these options are likely much cheaper than a physical extension or conservatory addition to your home.

The Furnishings

If you’re using your garden room as an extension of your home and an extra place to sit, we recommend rattan garden furniture to furnish your space with – this way it will seamlessly blend with your outdoor surroundings and never look out of place.

Rattan sofa sets or lounge sets are perfect for these spaces. Plus, they are lightweight which means you can move the pieces outside to enjoy your garden space if the weather is nice enough.