It’s easy to neglect our front garden as we focus on the back garden as a place to spend time and relax. However, improving your front garden not only improves the look of your home but it can also add huge value to your property. So, here are our top tips for achieving a good-looking front garden that is easy to maintain.

Choose no more than 5 or 6 different types of plants

Limiting the types of plants in your front garden can make it much easier to maintain and care for and it will make you much more likely to actually do it, rather than just letting them die because you couldn’t deal with a huge routine of caring for them.

Front Garden

Choose plants that last a long time

Try not to choose plants that only last a season. Pick flowers and plants that not only bloom at different times so that there is always some colour in your front garden but also pick plants that will last for years with little care, like Lavender and Roses for example.

Pick a colour theme

Picking flowers that are all of one or two colours helps to improve the look of your garden and makes it much less work. Especially if your plants will bloom at different times, you will always have the same theme throughout your space.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Opt for fake grass or “hard-scaping”

Fake grass won’t need to be mowed which reduces the maintenance needed, however many people don’t like fake turf because it is not recyclable and will end up in landfill at the end of its lifespan. For these people, the best option is “hard-scaping” which is often seen in front gardens. This ranges from patio slabs (which are probably the least attractive of the bunch) to pebbles, slate, gravel or shingle.

Although these need less maintenance than grass, they will still need some care as weeds are likely to spurt up through them, so make sure you are prepared to de-weed the garden regularly before choosing this option.

Garden Hard Scaping

Pick a low maintenance climber

A climber plant will increase the greenery in your front garden and can look beautiful if done properly. Only choose ONE type of climber or they will entangle and become a nightmare to tame. Also, it is worth noting that all climbers will require maintenance, just some less than others. All will need to be trimmed and cut back so that they do not take over your house.

Avoid potted plants


Potted plants will need regular watering and care, whereas those planted into the ground will often look after themselves and need much less looking after.

Trees, trees, trees

If you’ve got the space then plant a tree or two, not only great for the environment but incredibly low maintenance. Of course, you will have to trim back the branches, but this is typically only once a year or maybe less!

For a full list of advice on low maintenance gardening we recommend visiting for tool recommendations and myths to avoid.