Your garden is much more than just your garden furniture, you want to make your space as stylish, practical and enjoyable as possible which is why several garden accessories come in handy.

Garden furniture is usually very plain colours so as not to become an eyesore or clash with anything. However, if you’re looking to inject some life into your garden and reflect your own personality into your garden then we recommend some bright scatter cushions. Available in plenty of colours, from blue to lavender, to green, and plenty of patterns, from stripy, to spotted, there is a scatter cushion to reflect every mood. Plus, these bright colours will not look out of place next to the natural cushions that already come with your garden furniture. Not only do they add an extra bit of life to your garden, but they also add comfort and help to make your outdoor space look more welcoming.

Scatter Cushions

If you’ve got lots of cushions to brighten up your furniture, you’re going to want somewhere to store them. Most garden furniture cushions are not 100% weatherproof and although many cushion covers are machine washable it is best to avoid leaving them outside in bad weather conditions to avoid lasting damage. This is why we recommend a wonderful cushion storage bag or even a storage box.

A storage bag or box will keep your cushions protected from the elements and will give you somewhere to store them that doesn’t leave them taking up valuable indoor storage space. Plus, if you have rattan garden furniture then a rattan storage box is the perfect accessory as it will perfectly match your furniture and blend in with your garden as opposed to looking like an eyesore.

Rattan Storage Box

Want to improve your outdoor dining experience? Then a Lazy Susan is the ideal garden furniture accessory for you. A Lazy Susan helps to make al fresco dining easier and less stressful by eliminating the need to stretch across each other or ask others to pass you things. Simply place your sharing items such as condiments, drinks or snacks on the Lazy Susan and gently spin to pass the items around the table with ease. This way everyone can reach what they want to eat or drink and you will not have to worry about spillages or knocking things over.

A garden parasol is the ultimate accessory to accompany your garden furniture and create a safe environment for you and your guests to enjoy dining, relaxing and all garden time. Whether you opt for a parasol that can slot through the centre of your dining table or a freestanding parasol to cast shade over your sofa set, a parasol creates a safe, cool area for you and your guests. With so many colours and styles available, there is a parasol to match every piece of garden furniture. We recommend ensuring that you have the correct weighted base for your chosen parasol.

Cantilever Parasol

Our recommended parasol style is a crank & tilt cantilever parasol. This parasol type allows you to adjust your parasol in every which way so that you can follow the sun around your garden without having to physically pick up the parasol and move it.

As well as creating shade for when it’s too warm, we believe you will want to create heat and light for when the evening draws in and the weather gets cooler. The ideal accessory for this is a patio heater. We offer a large range of patio heaters from freestanding, to tabletop, to hanging heaters, to parasol heaters and wall mounted heaters. We even have rattan heaters which will perfectly match your rattan garden furniture and help to continue your look throughout your garden.

No matter, what you’re looking for we have accessories for everyone. If you aren’t sure what will match your furniture or your garden as a whole, then we recommend looking at our accessories in person by visiting one of our showrooms. Our helpful sales team will be on hand to offer you great advice and help you to create a garden you are proud of.