This summer has been the epitome of a British summer, scorching one second and heavy rains the next and don’t forget all those storms! With the crazy mix of British weather set to continue for the next few months, we’ve revealed the garden furniture that thrives best in these conditions and how to protect your existing furniture.

All Weather Garden Furniture

We strongly believe that the best kind of garden furniture to thrive in a British summer is rattan garden furniture. Rattan garden furniture, whether it’s a dining set, sofa set, pair of loungers, or a casual dining set, is designed to survive every kind of weather.

Rattan Dining Set

The rattan we have in the UK is a synthetic rattan made from PE. Genuine rattan made from a type of palm tree would rot and break quickly in the UK’s climate as it doesn’t do well in damp conditions. However, the synthetic rattan we use is designed not only to survive but to thrive in these conditions. The rattan is woven around a powder-coated aluminium frame which will not rust, even in damp conditions and the rattan itself dries out quickly, allowing you to use the furniture after a heavy downpour – the same could not be said for other materials like wood which take a long time to dry out.

Not only is the synthetic rattan built to survive in damp conditions, but it is also ideal for use in high heats. This is because unlike other materials like metal, rattan does not heat up as quickly and is therefore still comfortable to sit on in maximum temperatures.

Rattan Dining

All of these factors mean that rattan garden furniture does not need to be stored away and can be left outside all year round, ideal for summer time as it means you don’t have to keep getting your garden furniture out and then putting it away again – this can sometimes put people off spending time in their garden - so you will be able to get the most out of your garden this year and for years to come.

Protecting Existing Garden Furniture

Protecting your existing garden furniture from the weather changes and the storms is important to increase its lifespan, here we have revealed the best ways to protect each furniture type.

Weatherproof Cover

Rattan – As we’ve established rattan is incredibly weatherproof so not much will need to be done to protect the furniture. But for an extra layer of protection we recommend a weatherproof cover.

Wood – We recommend keeping wood in a sheltered area and storing it indoors when not in use. This is because wood can retain water and can often rot if exposed to damp conditions regularly. For an extra layer of protection be sure to use protective paints/sealants on your wooden furniture.

Plastic – Plastic should be kept indoors when not in use, especially if a storm is predicted as the incredibly light weight furniture is likely to get swept up, blown around and damaged.

Cast Aluminium – Cast aluminium is another incredibly weatherproof furniture and will not need much maintaining, some protective paint layers may be needed to avoid/repair any chips.

Fabric – Outdoor fabric is also very weatherproof, however if you know there are going to be long periods of heavy rain/bad weather be prepared to have to wait a while for the furniture to dry out. It may also need cleaning with a pressure washer to get rid of mould or dirt from the bad weather.