We spend alot of time explaining the durability of the rattan to customers but in all fairness it's not often you can show customers for real.  Well for the next few days at least we have a snow filled car park and we can literally show our customers how well the rattan behaves in these types of conditions.  As predicted the snow came late on Saturday afternoon and it is still here now.  I have my rattan cube outside under a cover sp I thought i''d take a look to see if there was any obvious problems.   There wasn't any obvious problems but then I guess it is hard to see with all this snow around!  Suffice to say that the cover kept all the snow off the set and as far as the very chilly temperatures that structure of the set is very much intact.  To be honest I did not expect any other outcome as the aluminium frame has no problems in freezing conditions and the snow is simply cold water!  As we have said a million times the all weather rattan is water resistant and colour fast so there is nothing that the snow can do to harm the suite.   I wonder if the same can be said of the hardwood garden suites that so many of us have had over the years?  Extreme temperatures are not the best for wooden furniture.  Very hot and the wood can expand and warp and extreme cold and the wood will contract.  At either extreme there is a good chance that the structure of the furniture will be harmed.  Worse case senario at this moment in time is that the wood had absorbed some moisture over the last few weeks and the freezing conditions may well have caused this water to freeze which of course leads it to expand.  Long story short this will result in cracks in the wood.    Thankfully we are safe from any such problems in the world of rattan garden furniture and in fact welcome some extreme weather conditions so that we can demonstarte the qualities of our products.  I hope you have all managed to stay safe over the weekend as we all know the chaos a little snow can bring.  Wrap up and keep warm and if the conditions remain cold then watch out for the ice as it is often more hazardous than the initial snow.  Whatever the conditions you can rest easy in the knowledge that your rattan is safe and well in the garden even in the current weather conditions.