Porto Rattan Corner Suite Review

Maze Rattan - Porto Corner Group - Product Review

We are currently uploading our new rattan garden furniture ranges for 2017.   For those of you who love to delve into the detail we thought we would start a new series of blog posts to give you a fuller flavor of what our new range is all about.  


1 X Corner Sofa
1 X Coffee Table with Glass Padded Cushions

Dimensions: Sofa:          (H) 68cm x (W) 145cm x (D) 76cm 
Corner:                           (H) 68cm x (W) 76cm x (D) 76cm 
Coffee table:                  (H) 33cm x (W) 76cm x (D) 76cm 
Full Length:                    (W) 222cm


First up is the Porto Corner Group.  The Porto is manufactured from our long-standing partner Maze Rattan, and comes with an aluminum frame and a glass topped coffee table.  As the name suggests this suite is a corner sofa and as such fits beautifully into any corner of the garden. 


Usually best suited to the sunny corner where you can soak up the rays at the same time as entertaining the guests.  That said if we are lucky enough to enjoy a blistering hot summer then maybe this year the Porto would be best suited to the shaded corner.  Either way this suite brings a bit of class and style to any setting.  The great thing about the Porto is that it is lightweight and can therefore be moved from one spot to the other depending on your mood. (Or the weather) 


Our 2017 range is made up of both classic designs that we have stocked for many years as well as our new ‘hot off the press’ ranges that are new for this year.  The Porto lye’s somewhere in between as while it has not been with us from the start we have been offering this suite for around the last three or four years.   The Porto was first brought in as an alternative to the very popular London Corner suite as it is a little more compact and offers a cheaper alternative to the much larger Rattan London Corner Group.


The Porto is a stunning little Rattan Corner Sofa and is manufactured using our tried and tested all weather garden furniture materials.  First of all we construct the frame using aluminum.  We use Aluminum due to its all weather attributes. Aluminum is water resistant in the sense that exposure to water does not effect its integrity and therefore ensures that the frame can remain outside all year round. 


Around the aluminum frame we hand weave our synthetic all weather rattan.   This gives our rattan garden furniture ranges the appearance of a traditional rattan weave in the sense that the weave is woven in and out and is not just a lump of plastic.  Actually you can get garden furniture that, from a distance does look a little like rattan but under closer inspection it is in fact a block of plastic with the weave element simply drawn on!  That’s not for us!  We have spent many years mastering our manufacturing process and for us it has been time well spent.  Our product is hand woven and designed for use all year round.  


So the frame and the weave are well and truly weather proof, what about the cushions?  We have tried a few different styles of cushions over the years but for the majority of our range we feel the water resistant fabric combined with the zipped, easy to remove cushion is our best yet.  In all fairness we have had this style for a few years now and the reason for this is simple.  It gives you the best of both worlds!  They are water resistant if you leave them out in a shower but they also have removable, washable covers if you leave them out for weeks and they end up dirty!  


Our suggestion is for you to purchase one of our rattan blanket boxes so that you have somewhere easy to through them in if the weather turns.  If you store your cushions in an easy to reach garden blanket box you can keep them clean and it is much less hassle than brining them in and out all the time.  As far as we are concerned our rattan garden furniture is there to be easily used at a moments notice so we have never really understood people packing cushions away in the loft only to be used once a year! 


We currently have the Porto Corner Suite on display in our Essex showroom so why not pop in and have a cup of coffee?  That said we always advise you to call first as the sales team are always moving the display around.  Call first to make sure whatever it is you would like to see is currently on display as we stock so many different styles and colours we couldn’t possibly display it all!  


Having said all that we do have the largest Rattan Garden Furniture showroom in the UK so there is bound to be something for you to see.   Come and check out the Porto Rattan Corner Suite today!  


Call us now on 0333 1210 218 for more information.