Having a home which is stylish yet practical is something which is high on the list of priorities for most people.

Rattan ticks all of the boxes providing elegance of design and functionality without breaking the bank.

If you have never had rattan furniture before you might be looking for a few ideas about how to incorporate it into your home; here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Balcony cube set

Perfect for both the garden and interior, a balcony cube set offers a contemporary dining space which also tucks away to save valuable inches in smaller rooms.

A table big enough to seat four people in comfort, but with a mix of two backed chairs and two stools. All are compact enough to slide under the table when not in use, but robust and comfortable enough to provide sturdy seating when needed.

With a glass top on the table, it's practical but the rattan weave on the sides and on the chairs adds that eco-appeal that it's so well-known for.

2) Daybed

There's lots of ways to relax during the day but stretching out with a good book, or to indulge in a spot of your favourite TV can be a real treat.

And when it comes to the evening, why sit primly in a chair when you can snuggle up with the whole family €“ or that special loved one €“ in real comfort?

A daybed is a large space which offers practicality yet looks very contemporary and elegant, and can fit perfectly into a number of different rooms in the house.

Some people like a daybed in their garden, but it would be equally as suitable for a conservatory, lounge, study or den.

3) Traditional sofas

Rattan is often used in more contemporary designs but it's possible to fuse the natural beauty of the weave with a more traditional sofa or chair.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.06.56


A lovely red rattan sofa

Image Source: https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3551/3453391554_2f343c6692.jpg

High-backed chairs, reminiscent of a Victorian or Georgian design look great in rattan. Although the style is classic the rattan gives it a modern twist, resulting in furniture which is practical and sturdy enough to be used every day.

Rattan is often used in garden and conservatory furniture but also looks fabulous in bedrooms and bathrooms too.

4) Storage boxes

One of the reasons why rattan is so popular now is that you can purchase a number of great accessories which provide the perfect finishing touch.

Storage boxes can sometimes be unattractive and as a result, need to be hidden away. A rattan storage box makes a very practical addition to any room, but the stylish exterior means that there's no need to keep them out of sight.

An easy way to accentuate any other rattan furniture, and to complement the design, rattan storage boxes are a very popular choice.

5) Tables

Rattan tables come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, varying from the compact and bijou designs to models which the whole family can fit round.

Often fitted with a glass top, a rattan table provides a very natural-looking appeal, and will provide an attractive finish to any dining area whether used in the garden as a bistro set, or in the conservatory or dining room in the house.

6) Dining supplies

If you have opted for a rattan table, then what could look better than accessories which also feature the same weave?

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 16.07.32

A rattan dining set

Image Source: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7052/6991547031_a58b21f7c9.jpg

Dining supplies which are partly made from rattan are stylish and durable, and look fabulous at any dinner party. Particularly useful are accessories such as a Lazy Susan, a glass topped rotating serving plate which has an attractive rattan trim.

7) Corner sets

As well as more traditional designs, it's possible to browse a range of sofas in more contemporary styles, such as corner sets.

Corner sofas are one of the hottest styles in the market, both in rattan and other materials because of the flexibility they offer and the relative economy of space.

There's a wide variety of styles which are suitable for both the lounge and the garden, with low and high backed sofas, plus left and right hand designs. Corner sofas don't necessarily have to be geometric in shape either; there's a whole host of models which offer curved or almost semi-circular designs which can be a better fit, depending on the room.

The rattan can be purchased in a whole host of colours from soft grey to dark black, with upholstery to either match or contrast as you choose.


Rattan furniture can be used to great effect in every room of the house; perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, lounge, dining room and conservatory rattan brings practicality and style. Also durable enough for the garden too, rattan is the perfect choice for inside and out, bringing quality at a great price.

Image Credits: Norhafy and Wicker Paradise


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