If you’re shopping for garden furniture in the UK, you need to consider the weatherproof qualities of the furniture as well as the style and finish you wish to opt for. Here, we’ve revealed 7 top tips to help you shop for garden furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture is an Ideal Choice

Weatherproof, low-maintenance and stylish – rattan garden furniture is the perfect solution for UK garden furniture. Rattan garden furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours so that there is always something to choose from to suit every single garden space.

Rattan Dining

Rattan is affordable, durable and long-lasting and most come with padded cushions for extra comfort. However, you should store these cushions indoors when not in use so that a sudden British downpour cannot ruin them.

Don’t Count Out Aluminium

Aluminium garden furniture is making waves in the UK market. The stylish and sleek designs are lightweight and weatherproof making them the perfect outdoor choice. Plus, unlike other metals, aluminium does not reach unbearable temperatures, making it ideal for those rare hot summers.

Available in many different styles and colours, aluminium garden furniture is the perfect choice for modern gardens.

Ensure Wood Is Durable

Casual Dining

If you plan to go for wooden garden furniture, then you need to be prepared for regular maintenance to keep it long-lasting. This will require regular top ups of weather resistant paint and potentially moving under cover throughout the winter months.

Whilst wood is still very popular, it is by no means as maintenance free as some other garden furniture options and will require lots of attention to keep its colour and to keep it from snapping or crumbling.

Make Your Own

Lots of people like to make their own garden furniture from pallets. Plenty of garden furniture is delivered on pallets and so you could even purchase a dining set and use the pallets to create a stylish corner sofa set.

However, do remember that these pallets are not weatherproof and will require lots of care and weatherproof finishes applied. Plus, you will have to source your own cushions to make this comfortable.

Bistro Sets

Easy to Clean

Whatever furniture you opt for, consider how easy the materials are to clean. For example, rattan dining sets are topped with tempered glass which make it quick to wipe down and get rid of any stains or spills.

A wooden table may require a bit of an extra scrub to clean up spills and you will have to consider what you spray on it to wipe it down so as not to cause colour damage.

Shopping For Small Spaces

If you’re shopping for a small patio or balcony area, consider that you also may not have room to store furniture away and therefore you need something that can be left outside all year round. A rattan or cast aluminium bistro set would be the perfect weatherproof solution to this.

Know the Purpose

Before you shop the most vital tip is to know what you are going to be using your garden furniture for. Do you plan to host BBQs with friends and family? You’ll likely need a dining set. Will you only use the garden to sunbathe and read books? A sun lounger set, or daybed is perfect for you. Do you like to relax with a glass of wine and dine outdoors? A casual dining set offers a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Understanding when and why you will use your furniture will help you narrow down all other choices.

If you’re shopping for new garden furniture, you can contact our friendly customer service team for top tips and advice.