Choosing your garden furniture can be a tricky decision but we believe if you consider these 5 things, you will have no problem choosing the perfect set for your outdoor space.

1. Look for Inspiration All Around You

Rattan Garden Furniture

At the start of your shopping process you should look for inspiration all around you. Whether this is scrolling through social media such as Instagram and Pinterest and creating a pinned board of all of your favourite designs, or visiting your local country club or botanical garden, you can find inspiration everywhere. Even peeking over the neighbour’s fence for a look at what they have done can be beneficial!

A great way to get inspired is to visit a garden furniture showroom. You may discover something you had never considered, and you will often find furniture laid out how it would look in a garden. Plus, sales advisors will be able to show you matching items and offer extra advice. Additionally, you will be able to test and measure the furniture for yourself so that you know you are confident with your purchase.

2. Know your Own Style

Once you’re feeling inspired, narrow this down to your favourite styles, colours and materials. What matches your personal taste and what fits in with the rest of the decorating in your home. Think of the garden as an extension of your home and therefore a reflection of your personality.

Combine this with what is on trend at the moment and you’ll be able to find your perfect garden furniture. Whether you opt for a dining set, sofa set, casual dining set or sun loungers, there is something for everyone as long as you know your preferences.

Rattan Garden Furniture

3. Measure your Space

Perhaps the most crucial step. You don’t want your garden to feel swamped by furniture nor do you want your garden to overwhelm a tiny seating area, so make sure you get your measurements accurate.

If you have space for multiple pieces of furniture, divide this space up into different areas and ensure you have enough walkway room. If you have a tiny balcony or smaller patio, don’t worry, you’ll still find something to fit but you may want to seek advice from customer service or sales advisors to recommend furniture that won’t take over the space.

4. Know your Location & Climate

Make sure your garden furniture is built to withstand the elements in your area. If you’re by the sea, make sure your furniture is sturdy against high winds that are associated with these areas. If you’re in an area with heavy rainfall, make sure the furniture is weatherproof and durable.

Rattan garden furniture is ideal for all areas, thanks to the low maintenance, weatherproof nature of the furniture. Plus, the furniture can be left outside all year round so you won’t have to worry about storage solutions.

5. Don’t Choose Budget Over Quality

A mistake consumers often make when choosing garden furniture is to shop cheap. Understanding the quality of the furniture is vital to get the most for your money. Cheap furniture isn’t likely to have the same weatherproof qualities as a more expensive piece and could therefore need replacing much more quickly, costing you more in the long run.

Make sure you have spent plenty of time researching different materials, the qualities they possess, the average cost of these materials and the difference in warranties for cheaper pieces. You might regret not spending that little bit extra if you haven’t done the research.

If you follow these top tips you will be able to find aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting garden furniture that suits you tastes, doesn’t blow the bank and fits perfectly in your space.