If you want your outdoor space to look its best we recommend some show stopping furniture, our first choice being rattan. Here’s why we believe you should consider rattan garden furniture for your garden:

Long Lasting Rattan Garden Furniture

1. Rattan Garden Furniture is Long Lasting & Durable

Rattan garden furniture is famed for its long-lasting and durable nature. Its weatherproof qualities make it hard wearing and keep it looking brand new for years to come. This makes rattan and incredibly cost-effective investment as you will not need to replace the furniture very often, if at all.

2. Rattan Garden Furniture is Stylish & Impressive

If you want your garden furniture to stand out and look impressive then rattan furniture is ideal. With so many different types of rattan garden furniture available there is something to suit every garden space as well as every occasion.

Colourful Rattan Furniture

3. Rattan Garden Furniture is Colourful & Bright

Unlike other natural materials like wood, rattan provides you with plenty of colour choice. From traditional brown, to stylish grey, to a modern white wash, and plenty of natural colours available to you will never be stuck for choice and you will never feel bored with your garden again.

4. Rattan Garden Furniture is Fully Weatherproof

Our rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, thanks to the HDPE/PE synthetic rattan and powder coated aluminium framework. These qualities mean that the furniture will not rust in damp conditions, will not crack or go brittle in cold conditions and will not melt in high temperatures.

If you need any more reason to purchase rattan garden furniture then we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can view and test the furniture in person for a better understanding of what makes our rattan garden furniture such high quality.