December 2014

  1. differences wicker rattan furniture

    Wicker furniture has been around for a long time and can complement a variety of decor styles. Although often associated with garden or conservatory furniture, wicker and rattan furniture can be used all over the house, particularly in rooms where resistance to moisture is required. Rattan conservatory furniture But should you look for rattan or wicker when purchasing furniture with... Read more
  2. typical colour options rattan furniture

    typical colour options rattan furniture
    Rattan is a member of the palm family, an exotic vine which is twisted and woven using ancient techniques to create beautiful and long-lasting items of furniture. However, whilst the natural material has many advantages, it's not well equipped to cope with the ravages of the British weather, originating from a very different climate. For this reason, synthetic rattan was... Read more
  3. 10 Amazing Flickr Images of Rattan Furniture

    The distinctive wicker style of rattan furniture is familiar to many people around the world, having been used for centuries to create strong and long lasting furniture. These pictures show rattan in ways which you may not have appreciated before, both in providing example of stunning furniture but also some of the different ways it can be displayed. Take a... Read more
  4. What is the difference between rattan and bamboo?

    The modern trends for furniture which has a natural appearance and is sustainable means that other materials in addition to wood are increasingly being sought after. Rattan and bamboo both have the reputation of being a sustainable commodity which can be chosen as a viable alternative to more traditional materials, but do you understand what each of these terms mean... Read more
  5. space saving features rattan furniture

    Whether you're looking at furnishings for your home or garden, you probably have a good idea of the style and type of items you'd ideally like to have. Unfortunately, if your home is more compact than you'd like, you might find that you're struggling to accommodate all of the furniture that you want. However, if you pick a design particularly... Read more
  6. How to keep your patio furniture looking as good as new.

    Rattan furniture is a traditional yet contemporary design that can be used both in the home and out in the garden too. A material which continues to rocket in popularity, rattan offers strength, durability and toughness coupled with elegance and style. Its many benefits begin to explain just why this type of furniture is so sought after, and why it's... Read more

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