September 2014

  1. A History of Rattan Throughout the Ages

    Many properties rely on rattan furniture for their garden, but it's soaring in popularity for use inside the home too. However, rather than being the modern phenomenon that many people view wicker and rattan as, it's a material which has been around for many hundreds of years. But what exactly is rattan and how has it been used throughout the... Read more
  2. 10 Reasons That Rattan Furniture is a Great Idea for Your Home

    Whether your home is traditional or contemporary decor, you will no doubt be looking for furniture which is comfortable yet classy, practical yet pretty. Your first inclination may to turn to solid wood, but rattan furniture can offer you a great number of alternative benefits which may make you want to think twice. Here's a run through of some of... Read more
  3. rattan outdoor storage

    A material which has enjoyed a surge in its popularity, rattan is now one of the most sought after products for the home and garden. Offering unrivalled strength and durability, rattan has a unique appeal which matches all types of decor and landscaping, both traditional and contemporary. Although it is now in demand for use in interior design too, rattan... Read more
  4. Rattan Conservatory Furniture

    Conservatories make an excellent addition to a property, adding extra space without the upheaval and expense of a full-blown extension. Modern conservatories are stylish and come in a wide range of sizes and styles, suitable for adding to both modern and traditional properties. Many people would consider a conservatory to be a relatively contemporary type of property extension, not appropriate... Read more
  5. Zebrano Rattan Wins TWO Awards at online retail awards

    We are delighted to announce that Zebrano rattan has been awarded with two awards at the online retail awards. Zebrano Rattan won the homes and garden category and won an award of commendation for the small business category. To say that we are delighted is an understatement. This is the forth year that we have received and award from the... Read more

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