July 2014

  1. How to choose the best rattan furniture

    Rattan furniture has lots of benefits: strong, durable and very stylish, it's little wonder that more and more people are opting for woven chairs and sofas. But with such a wide selection on offer, how can you tell which items offer real quality and which are more likely to break or fail to live up to their promise? We take... Read more
  2. How to use rattan furniture to landscape your garden

    The lines between home and garden have become increasingly blurred in recent times, with the trend for a natural flow between outdoors and in growing in popularity. But merging the plants and flowers in your garden and your interior décor can sometimes be a bit of a feat, creating a stark difference in design between the garden and the house... Read more
  3. Do I need a cover for my rattan furniture?

    Covering Rattan Garden Furniture. I'm sure we have written about this before but it is a popular topic so I thought I would refresh our memories on it. So, do I need a cover for my Rattan Garden Furniture? The simple answer to this is no! But how can this be? Historically we have always needed to cover our garden... Read more
  4. Rattan an Eco-Friendly Furniture Material

    Bamboo and rattan have been singled out for praise as the materials which offer the most hope in the fight against climate change, according to one senior expert. At a recent conference, the Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra K. Pachauri, hailed the 'enormous opportunity' both materials present to the human race. The threats Much has been... Read more

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