January 2012

  1. Top five advantages of garden corner sofas.

    Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Sets. Rattan Corner Sets are always a hot topic whenever anyone comes into the showroom. Often people are actually coming in to view a rattan dining set or maybe even a sofa set but then their eyes are taken by the corner suites and the decision-making process has to start all over again! Everyone knows that... Read more
  2. Can the cushions on my rattan garden furniture be left outside all year round?

    Can the cushions on my patio furniture be left outside all year round?  This is a question we get asked all the time.  Obviously it all depends where you purchases your furniture and what the cushion material is manufactured from.  If you purchased your set from us here at Zebrano then all of our cushions are showerproof rather than fully waterproof. ... Read more
  3. Is synthetic rattan used in garden furniture?

    Synthetic rattan is a man made material used to primarily manufacture garden furniture. The term “rattan furniture” might have different meanings to different people. You might read about rattan furniture and assume it refers to furniture that is made from natural rattan fibers. These are the fibers that come from the stems of climbing palm plants and trees. If you... Read more

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