The 2012 Olympic Games are currently underway in London. Not sure that really needs to be said as you would have to be living on the moon not to realize this.  The Brits could not be happier to share their pride of their city with tourists who have flocked the area from around the world. While it is great to kick back and enjoy watching the games at home. It is better when you are sitting on furniture that you purchased from Zebrano Rattan Furniture!  I would say that I guess but nevertheless our goal is to provide you with top quality comfort at the lowest possible price. Enjoy the Olympic Games in style with the help of the wide selection of garden furniture for every part of the garden or even the conservatory.  You can shop online on our comprehensive website from the comfort of your own home. The 2012 Olympic Games have left China and the United States with the most gold medals, but the games have only just begun. China by far has the most overall medals, but the United States is not far behind. Italy have started well and were hot on the heels of the United States in the rankings of the most medals won. The excitement is just beginning as the games begin to heat up. Kick back in comfort and style in furniture that you purchased from our Rattan garden Furniture range as you enjoy the gymnastics, swimming, and other Olympic events that yet to take place. There is no better time to visit our website to snag a great deal so that you can kick back and watch the final results of the 2012 games that are currently taking place in London.  Well done to the girls in the rowing!  Team GB's first gold medal.  Plenty more to come I'm sure.