Do you have an area of your garden that is overgrown or just not utilised and forgotten about? Have you been meaning to sort it for ages but just don’t know what to do with it so now it’s turned into a dumping ground for things you’ve been meaning to take to the tip? Well, here is your gentle nudge to fix it and transform it into a space that you can love and enjoy.

Below are the top 10 options for transforming this space into an area that not only looks nicer but is actually usable.

Option 1: A Seating Area

Oudoor Seating Area

If it’s rather a large area, then why not create an additional seating space? Somewhere that you can spend quality time with loved ones and actually get use out of. A casual dining set is perfect for a corner like this and will fit nicely in any shape garden. Or, if you’ve got a smaller space then a bistro set is perfect for a space to enjoy a morning cup of tea.

Option 2: A Pergola or Gazebo

Create a space that you can use year-round by adding an outdoor shelter such as a pergola or a gazebo. You could put a number of things under this sheltered area from seating to a hot tub to a work area.

Option 3: A Garden Shed

If you’re currently using this area as a dumping ground then it is obvious that you need some kind of extra storage, therefore a garden shed would be perfect. Even if you’re using the shed as an in-between point between the house and that trip to the tip, at least you will keep your garden looking neat and tidy with all mess contained within the shed.

Option 4: A Firepit

What better way to extend the use of your garden than a cosy firepit? Whether you opt for a log or coal burner or something less smoky like one of our gas firepits, this area will be a great place to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate after a long day and will encourage you to use the space throughout the whole year and not just during summer – ensuring this space doesn’t get forgotten about again.

Option 5: A Water Feature

Outdoor Pergola

Perhaps you could add a large pond or something simple like a water fountain to your space to fill the area and create a peaceful ambience in your garden which is enjoyable to look at and utilises the space well.

Option 6: A Flower Border

Choose your favourite plants and flowers and get planting! Be sure to choose your favourites as well as ones that work with the amount of sunlight that hits that area. If you choose some of your very favourites, then you are certain to look after the area and keep it well-maintained and not let the space go to waste again.

Option 7: A Vegetable patch

If you’re keen to grow your own veg then why not utilise your forgotten garden space to do just that? A vegetable patch is a brilliant way to get outside more and also grow healthy fruits and vegetables, enriching your life in more ways than one.

Gas Firepit

Option 8: A Sculpture

If you like a bit of garden art, then perhaps a sculpture is the best way to fill your forgotten space. It won’t require any maintenance but will add an interesting aspect to your garden that will keep it looking interesting for years to come. So, even if you don’t strictly use this space for anything it will become a key focus point of the garden’s style.

Option 9: A Wildlife Corner

This is a lovely idea to encourage wildlife in your garden. Particularly great, and educational, if you have children. You can encourage bugs and small animals such as hedgehogs or even bats to flock to your garden with bug hotels, bat boxes and lots of warm hiding places. If you want to see birds and squirrels then bird feeders, bird boxes and birdbaths are the way to go.

Option 10: A Tree

Plant a tree in your garden and watch it grow. Over time this will fill the space and require no maintenance on your end, leaving you free to watch it bloom and fill that space that you have been desperate to utilise.