Don’t let an overgrown, messy and unusable garden space get you down, make the most of your space by following these 10 top tips and creating a space that can be used on all occasions.

1. Tidy Up Your Lawn

Make sure you’re getting outside and mowing your lawn regularly, get the strimmer out for the edges that can’t be reached with the lawn mower. Plant grass seeds on dead patches and make sure you have a nice healthy lawn as this is probably the largest section of your garden.

2. Discover the Beauty of Flowerbeds

Your flowerbeds are going to make your garden look more attractive and more like a garden than a blank and empty space. We recommend a metre in depth as a border to your garden, this will leave plenty of lawn and patio space free. If you don’t have room for this, then you could try climbing plants at the back of the garden to give your garden some height and still enjoy the beauty of plants and greenery.

2.	Discover the Beauty of Flowerbeds

3. Choose your Landscaping Carefully

Landscaping is much more than saying ‘I want a patio bit there and some grass over there.’ Choose your colours carefully, (that’s right there are more patio colours than boring old grey!) think about what style of patio you want or whether you would prefer a decking area and really plan out every section to create a stunning garden area that is practical and enjoyable.

4. Co-ordinate your Colour Scheme

Don’t just pick your colours randomly and home for the best, do some research and look into what colours look best together. This isn’t just for your flower sections either, the flowers and plants you choose should complement everything from your patio colour, your bricks, your sheds and your garden furniture.

For example, greys and white colours are best complemented by purple hues and white blooms. Black and silver are perfectly offset by bright reds, yellows and oranges and natural colours look perfect partnered with softer pink and lavender tones.

4.	Co-ordinate your Colour Scheme

5. Have a Plan

Have a plan for everything from where you are going to plant your shrubs, plants and flowers to where you want your garden furniture, your barbecue, your greenhouse and any other elements such as water features you want to implement. Having a plan will stop you from going over budget and will give you an idea of just how many plants you need and how big your furniture needs to be.

6. Make your Garden a Year-Round Garden

Remember there are 4 seasons and many plants will only last for one season. When you’re making your plan ensure you choose some ‘out of season’ plants that will perform well in the colder months and ensure your garden is always colourful and good-looking.

7. Ensure your Seating Area is Big Enough

Make sure you’ve considered what type of garden furniture you want in your garden and whether your space is big enough for what you envision. There are many types of furniture to choose from so make sure you know what style you desire for your space. For example, if you want a dining set choose how many seats and how big the space needs to be for this. This could take up more space than a sofa set, or sun loungers so make sure you have clear vision of what you want. Do lots of research, visit showrooms and make sure you know everything that’s out there first.

7.	Ensure your Seating Area is Big Enough

8. Utilise your Boundary Markers

Your fences mark the end of your garden space, but they can be so much more than that, they can become a beautiful part of your garden with the aid of wall art, climbing plants or even just a lick of paint. Make sure you’ve checked with the neighbours for what fence is yours before you go ahead and start painting things.

9. Add Additional Features

Integrating elements such as water features and garden ornaments is important for the ambience of your garden. However, the most important rule is to nestle them within the planting in your garden, don’t just plonk them in the centre of an empty space.

10. Create a Space for the Kids

Instead of worrying about the kids ruining your nice new flowerbeds, make sure they have a space to call their own. Whether you install a playhouse, or you simply give them free rein of the grass, ensure they know what area is for them. If the kids like to play with toys outdoors, it’s a good idea to purchase a storage box to put them away neatly, too.