1. How To Get Fit Whilst Gardening

    How To Get Fit Whilst Gardening
    With the gyms shut and the same daily walk becoming tedious, the usual fitness hype surrounding January is dwindling before it even began. But with these great gardening activities, you can stay fit as well as preparing your garden for the spring. According to Clyde Williams, professor of sports science at Loughborough University, three hours of gardening burns as many... Read more
  2. Where to Start with Garden Furniture

    Where to Start with Garden Furniture
    Your garden might be a space that you haven’t had the time to enjoy before, or the motivation to do anything with, but as the UK looks set for another year of staycations and working from home, this might be the time to finally utilise your outdoor space. Here, we have released a simple guide for anyone looking to create... Read more
  3. Treat Yourself to New Garden Furniture

    Treat Yourself to New Garden Furniture
    With the New Year approaching fast, we’re here to tell you why now is the best time to order or pre-order your garden furniture for next spring. Why Buy Patio Furniture in Winter? High quality, stylish garden furniture will come with a price tag, however, you know what they say “buy cheap, buy twice” so it is always worth investing... Read more
  4. Winter Classics For Your Patio

    Winter Classics For Your Patio
    Gone are the days when you need to lock the back doors and pretend the garden doesn’t exist until the spring. Some useful developments in patio accessories and garden furniture make it possible to use your outdoor space all year round. Here, we have outlined the top winter classics for your patio. To enjoy your outdoor space throughout winter, you... Read more
  5. The Art of Choosing Garden Furniture

    The Art of Choosing Garden Furniture
    Our gardens have become an extension of our home, rather than just an empty space or space we use once or twice a year. With the development of modern technology many of us use our gardens year-round. This means that choosing the right garden furniture is extremely important as it needs to be tough, durable and weather-resistant. Below, we have... Read more
  6. Maintain Your Rattan Garden Furniture This Winter

    Maintain Your Rattan Garden Furniture This Winter
    During the summer, rattan garden furniture requires next to no attention and can be used repeatedly. During the winter, in order to maintain its appearance for next summer it takes a small amount of care – still considerably less than other garden furniture styles. Follow our top tips to maintaining your rattan this winter. Get Those Cushions Indoors Your garden... Read more
  7. Planning Your Outdoor Space for 2021

    Planning Your Outdoor Space for 2021
    With winter on the way, many people will have packed up their garden furniture for the winter. So, instead of dwelling on the cold, we recommend looking to 2021 and warmer days and begin planning to get the most out of your space. Perhaps you want to add to your garden furniture or you’re simply looking to replace your old... Read more
  8. Create A Safe Outdoor Space for Your Customers

    Create A Safe Outdoor Space for Your Customers
    Do you have a business with outdoor space that you’re not sure how to utilise in a safe, socially distanced way? Perhaps you own a café, or a restaurant and the new rules mean you need to set up an outdoor space for customers to eat together? Well, read on for our top tips on how to create an outdoor... Read more
  9. Entertaining Outside Throughout Winter

    Entertaining Outside Throughout Winter
    2020 has been a crazy year, and with new social distancing rules in place that mean many of us can only meet friends and family outside but with winter on the way, it can be hard to know what to do in these uncertain times. Here, we’ve revealed our top tips for entertaining outside throughout the winter, so that you... Read more
  10. Winter Garden Action Plan

    Winter Garden Action Plan
    Whether you’re planning to put your garden to bed for winter, or you want it to continue to thrive throughout the winter, you’ll need an action plan to make this happen. Below we have included two 5 step plans for whatever you plan to do with your garden this winter. Keeping Your Garden Thriving Many more of us are spending... Read more

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