1. Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture Essex Showroom

    Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture Essex Showroom

    Here at Zebrano, we are strong advocates of “try before you buy”. We believe there is only so much information we can provide for you online to paint a picture of our furniture and its quality and only so many pictures we can show you for you to determine how it will look. We can provide all of the dimensions...
  2. How Long Should Rattan Furniture Last?

    How Long Should Rattan Furniture Last?

    Rattan garden furniture is incredibly popular in the UK and is widely thought of as a durable furniture option which is, in most cases, true. However, like with many products, it depends on the price you are willing to pay and where you buy from as to how long your garden furniture will last. In the UK, real rattan is...
  3. Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

    Weatherproof Rattan Garden Furniture

    It is no secret that British weather is temperamental, and we experience our fair share of difficult weather conditions, so we need garden furniture that thrives all year round. That is why we believe weatherproof rattan garden furniture is the solution for Brits to enjoy their garden furniture and never worry about weather damage. At Zebrano, all of our weatherproof...
  4. Rattan Garden Furniture – Perfect for Spring

    Rattan Garden Furniture – Perfect for Spring

    Now we’re into March and the snow has melted we can look towards spring. Spring is the perfect time to purchase garden furniture, but you have to get in fast! You will find that all garden furniture is still discounted as it is before the summer season, but you have to act quickly because as soon as the sun comes...
  5. Kettler Garden Furniture

    Kettler Garden Furniture

    Kettler are one of the leading suppliers of rattan garden furniture in the UK. Kettler have been in business for over 30 years and over that time has become recognised for its quality, style, and durability. Therefore, at Zebrano we simply had to work with Kettler to offer our customers Kettler’s quality rattan garden furniture. Our Kettler range is designed...
  6. Maze Rattan Garden Furniture

    Maze Rattan Garden Furniture

    At Zebrano we work hard to maintain our relationships and partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in garden furniture in the country and across the globe. We are extremely proud to stock a huge range of Maze Rattan garden furniture and be able to offer our customers some of the most popular rattan furniture in the UK. Maze Rattan...
  7. Nova Garden Furniture

    Nova Garden Furniture

    At Zebrano we pride ourselves on working closely with top brands around the globe to deliver exciting, new, innovative garden furniture right to your back garden. One of the top brands that we work closely with is Nova Outdoor Living. Nova Outdoor Living has been designing garden furniture for over 40 years and when it was first founded in 1974...
  8. What Makes Rattan Garden Daybeds So Special?

    What Makes Rattan Garden Daybeds So Special?

    Rattan Garden Daybeds, perfect for year round relaxing! It’s a great addition to any garden, not just for sitting or lying down, but for enhancing the overall appeal of your space. They are more beautiful and charming than various other garden furniture styles available in the market. If you’re thinking what you can add to make your garden the most...
  9. Types of Rattan Garden Furniture

    Looking for best designs for your outdoor garden furniture. Rattan Garden furniture is the best choice as these are suitalbe for all weather conditions. Browse our great range of rattan furniture from corner sofa sets to garden loungers that make your garden space most beautiful and super comfy.
  10. Treat yourself with rattan garden loungers

    There is no denying the fact that a good furniture beautifies the house like nothing else does. A high quality furniture also assures great comfort. So, besides adorning the house, furniture also lets you relax and feel cosy after a hectic day at work. And if you want to enjoy the utmost comfort while sitting with family and friends on...

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