Rattan Garden Furniture Accessories

Adding extra flare to your patio.

Garden accessories are the best way to add to your garden and improve your enjoyment of your outdoor space. If you want to know more about the latest garden accessory trends then visit our blog and you will be able to find out more information on what your garden needs. It is amazing the difference a small garden accessory can make to the look and feel of a space.  A splash of colour can bring your garden to life.

Cushions can liven up a sofa set.

Want some cushions to liven up your sofa? We've got colourful scatter cushions perfect for every sofa. We recommend a great storage box to keep your garden tidy and store cushions away when not in use. Or how about a rattan planter? Grow some stunning plants in a stylish planter that perfectly matches your furniture. Don't forget a garden furniture cover to stop dirt getting to your set when you're not using it! And you can never go wrong with a patio heater to warm up you and your guests on a cool evening.