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First up we should clarify that we are specialists in synthetic all weather rattan furniture and not the traditional rattan wicker furniture. The two styles are very different especially when left outdoors and although they can sometimes look similar they have very different properties. All products supplied by Zebrano are the all weather outdoor weave and not the natural cane or wicker furniture. Our furniture is designed for garden or patio areas. For further explanation of the differences in the two materials see our blog post bellow.

Here is an article we have writen on the differences between the two types of rattan furniture.

All Weather Rattan Versus Traditional Rattan

all weather rattan furniture

What sort of garden furniture is available at Zebrano?

There are a lot of garden furniture choices available in the marketplace these days. Here at Zebrano we sell uniquely designed synthetic rattan sets that are not always available in many other stores. As we stock over three hundred lines it is perhaps easier to group our products into more general categories.

Lets start with our dining sets.

Rattan dining sets are appropriate for couples and families that like to dine outdoors when they get the chance. There is a variety of rattan bistro sets available that include two seats and a small dining table. These are perfect for couples that like to have romantic lunches or dinners for two outside.

Our garden dining suites go from two seats right up to ten seats and everywhere in between. Many of the corner sets and cube sets available can serve multiple guests and are very flexible.

The starting price for one of these sets is £269.99, which is for the Royalcraft Cannes 2-Seat Rattan Cube Bistro Set. If you want to go with a fancier bistro set, then you can try the Maze Rattan Winchester High Back 3-Piece Lounge Set for £799.00. It includes a coffee table, two footstools, and two high back Winchester armchairs. This will certainly give you more comfort for your money.

Of course, there are rattan dining sets with multiple seats available that are suitable for bigger families and those who like to have guests over. One particular corner set which can serve up to 9 people is the Maze Rattan Deluxe Kingston Corner Rattan Dining Set. This dining set features one 2-seat sofa with a right arm, one 2-seat sofa with a left arm, 4 footstools, 1 square table, and 1 square corner piece. If you were to use the footstools as extra seats for your guests, you could serve 9 people at a single table. The price of this dining set is £1,199.00.

Now if you’re looking for a more affordable dining set which can still serve as many as five people, then you might prefer the Rattan Curved Corner Sofa Set w/ Coffee Table and Stool. This rattan furniture set is only £599.00 and comes with 1 curved corner sofa piece, 1 right arm 2-seater sofa, 1 left arm 2-seater sofa, 1 square footstool, and 1 large coffee table. There is also tempered glass included that goes on the top of the coffee table. To make the seating more comfortable, padded cushions are included too. However, the padded cushions are not waterproof, so you should take them indoors when you’re not using them. The rest of the rattan set is completely waterproof and weatherproof.

rattan dining sets

Cube sets are a great option.

Other options available for dining and socializing are rattan cube sets. These are like dining sets, except that cube sets use square or rectangular shaped tables instead of round ones. Some cube sets are designed to hold only 2 people while others can hold between 8 and 10 people. There are a few benefits to purchasing cube sets with these features. For one, they tend to bring guests a little closer together when they eat. This creates a more intimate atmosphere between them. Secondly, it allows you to save space in your garden or backyard because the cube set designs are more compact than dining set designs. When you’re not using the cube set, you can store the footstools underneath the seats and store the seats underneath the table. There are so many ways to save space here.

Why not relax in the sun with our loungers and daybeds?

For those of you who just want to lounge outside and relax on your rattan furniture, you should look into purchasing one of the patio daybed sets or our lounger sets. These are made specifically for just a few people who want to relax outside together and enjoy the scenery around them. For example, the Heritage Tamara Rattan Daybed features one big Tamara Daybed piece that can hold two people. There is also a coffee table and 2 footstools included as well. What is really special about this set is its thick padded cushions. Unlike other padded cushions, these particular cushions can resist light rain or shower conditions. The price of the set is £1,099.00. It is available in a natural rattan color or a white wash color.

If a simple lounger that holds 2 people is what you’re after, then the Maze Rattan Orlando sun lounger set is right up your alley. Priced at only £549.00, it features 2 sun loungers, 1 side table, padded cushions, and tempered glass for the table. Great to use if you have a parasol and want to shade yourself under the sun while you relax on your lounger.

rattan daybed

Casual socializing on our outdoor sofa sets.

We stock several different styles of garden sofa suites that would look great on any patio area. Our sofa sets are particularly good if you are looking to create a seamless transition from inside your home to your outdoor space. These days there is a high demand for indoor living to merge into outdoor living with by-fold patio doors and the like. We love the idea of having alfresco lounge areas on our decking or patios and often it is rattan sofas sets that are used to create this type of look.

Which patio furniture should I choose?

When you want to purchase rattan garden furniture for your garden, patio, or any other place in your backyard, you need to decide which type of garden furniture that you want to put there. As discuss above there are lots to choose from. Each of these rattan furniture sets has their own unique aspects and fit better in certain locations than others. You need to examine the location of where you want to put the furniture and then figure out the shape and size that will fit there. Also, figure out which rattan set will accommodate your particular use of the furniture.

For example, if you plan to host weekly barbeques in your backyard where you invite friends over for a cookout, you will want to use furniture sets which allow people to see each other while they eat and communicate.

Perhaps you don’t invite guests over to your home too often and just need smaller garden furniture that is designed for a few people to relax on. The rattan sofa sets are perfect for this because they resemble the sofa sets that you might include inside your home. The only difference is that our sofa sets can survive in the outdoors and gives you the chance to relax comfortably outside rather than inside. Some of these furniture pieces are suitable for lying down on while others have cushioned seats that are big enough for one person to sit on.

Alternatively, if you only need garden furniture for one or two people, then choose the rattan loungers. The sets typically include two loungers and they’re designed for you to comfortably lie down on and stretch your legs. You can choose to lie down on your front or back under the sun or you can put an umbrella over the lounger for shade. Many lounger sets include a side table for you to put your drinks and accessories on while you’re relaxing. If you enjoy watching your garden or backyard in total serenity, then choose the rattan loungers.

Caring for your furniture.

Synthetic rattan garden furniture may be waterproof and weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get dirty or covered in debris. For example, if you live in a city then your rattan garden furniture is likely to get a little dirty from higher levels of traffic pollution. If you live in the country maybe your furniture could get covered in yellow pollen? This doesn’t mean it is hurting the furniture, though. It just means the furniture needs to be washed every now and again.

There are many ways to clean your rattan garden furniture and we have written a detailed page on this so for further information check out this article.

The simple cleaning solution for regular dirt and debris would be to use a hose and some hot soapy water. You can start by getting a bucket and filling it up in your sink with hot water. Mix some liquid soap or dishwashing detergent until there are white bubbles on the surface of the water. Bring the bucket outside to your rattan garden furniture. Dip a clean soft cloth into the soapy water and then proceed to wipe your furniture with the cloth. As Zebrano only use synthetic rattan garden furniture, you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

If there are cracks or hard to reach places in your furniture, then you will need to use a toothbrush to scrub away the debris from these areas. Just dip the bristles of your toothbrush into the soapy water and proceed to clean these small areas with simple brushing motions. Once you are done scrubbing and wiping everything, take a hose and spray down the furniture to rinse off the excess soap suds that may still be there.

rattan in the snow

How often do I need to wash my furniture?

Wicker garden furniture does not need to be cleaned very often. It depends on the environment you are living in and how often it is being exposed to outdoor debris and toxins. Obviously, if you’re living in an urban setting or a tropical area with a lot of pollen, then you will want to clean your furniture at least once per week. Even though the structure of your rattan garden furniture will remain the same either way, the outside appearance of your furniture is what really counts. For example, if you were inviting guests over to your house, you wouldn’t want them sitting on furniture that is covered in pollen. Not only will it get on their clothes, but they could have an allergy to it as well. Regularly cleaning your furniture helps keep up its integrity.

Aside from cleaning, there is not much else that you need to worry about when it comes to caring for your furniture as all our sets are capable of staying out in most weather conditions. Obviously you need to keep an eye out for extreme weather conditions like storms as they would bring powerful forces of wind and/or water that would have the ability to carry or move your furniture. Since a lot of the rattan garden furniture has frames made from aluminum, this means they are lightweight. So, you would want to move your furniture indoors only if heavy winds or flooding were going to occur. In all other conditions, it is safe to leave your furniture outdoors.

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