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Stylish Rattan Furniture

For many hundreds of years rattan furniture has been a style statement throughout the world.  Think of a Mid West American homestead in the cowboy days and you can’t help but picture a rattan chair and coffee table sat on the veranda.  How about an image of Raffles Hotel in Singapore?  Again you can almost picture the rattan table and chair sets.  Rattan weave baskets have been found throughout the world many hundreds of years old and that very same basket design is still going strong to this day.

The flexibility of the rattan is the great advantage when you think of the longevity of its style appeal.  By that I mean that you can manufacture almost any design in rattan.  Therefore a designer can come up with a style that in in vogue and those in the rattan trade are able to replicate it.  This means that you often see very contemporary designs in rattan furniture.

This capability to manufacture almost any design also means that the rattan has a kind of timeless quality about it.  In more recent times rattan furniture has been almost exclusively the reserve of the conservatory but with our new synthetic rattan it is now making a real style statement on patios around the world.

Rattan wicker furniture has been popular for centuries and thanks to advances in technology, we can now bring you a range of synthetic rattan garden furniture that combines the traditional stylish looks of natural rattan with a contemporary designer twist. Available in a range of weaves and colours, let Zebrano rattan garden furniture make the ultimate style statement on your patio.

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