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What do I do if my furniture is damaged?

First thing to do is not to worry about it as we are only a small company and we are firmly of the belief that the customer is always right. We will replace any damaged furniture without any fuss or argument. If the delivery driver has just left your house or if you don't see the fault until a few days later it makes no differnece to us. We will replace the faulty goods as soon as possible and with the minimal amount of fuss to you the customer.

The best and quickest way to get you faulty goods dealt with is to give us a quick call and one of sales staff will talk you through the process. We may well ask you to provide a photo but this is only to inform our suppliers that there has been a problem and to let them know what the problem is. The lack of photo will not stop us replaceing the goods but it just helps us inprove our service.

As each year passes we have less and less faulty or damaged goods and we are better and better at dealing with any problems in a smooth and efficient way. I have heard many times that the test of a companys merit is how they deal with there customers problems and we certainly take any problems very seriously and aim to resolve them as quickly and smoothly as possible.  See our returns policy for full details.