Feel the quality not the weight of our rattan garden furniture.

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Feel the quality not the weight of our rattan garden furniture.

Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture is lightweight and a far cry from the traditional heavy set furniture of yesteryear.  In the past it was often the case that the heavier the garden furniture the better.  I guess there is good reason for this as it is good to have a heavy solid feel to anything that is left outside on a permanent basis.  That said there has also always been a lot of talk of furniture that was too heavy as this lead to it being difficult to move round and often times it made seating uncomfortable.

With garden furniture historically being either, good quality and heavy or not so good quality and light it has been quite a task to reeducate the public.  There are good reasons why in the past the light weight garden furniture has been of a leaser quality.  Wooden garden furniture for example requires a close, tight grain for it to stand up to outdoor conditions.  With a tight, close grain comes a dense wood which invariably means that the wood is heavy.  

Take teak or Oak for instance and you can see a tight grain and dense wood.  Both of these woods are excellent for outdoor use but have the disadvantage of being relatively heavy in weight.  On the other hand you can see some soft wood garden furniture does not have this tight grain and is in fact quite light and easy to move around.  Whilst they are lightweight they will not last very long as without the tight grain and dense qualities the water can be absorbed and ultimately rots the wood rendering the furniture unusable.

Some of the metal garden furniture has a similar issue with weight.  The heavier the furniture the better it is.  It is not always the case but the public have for a long time thought that the quality is in the weight.  With rattan garden furniture the rule is well and truly broken.  The rattan garden furniture is not only great quality but also lightweight.  This is because of the materials used ion the manufacturing process.  Firstly we have the aluminum frames which are rust resistant and can stay outside all year round.  Aluminum is a very lightweight metal and therefore the bulk of the furniture is in fact very light.  Woven around the frame is the synthetic rattan which is also very lightweight.

So we can see that ‘the quality is in the weight’ rule no longer applies.  Today’s rattan garden furniture is both lightweight and quality.  There are of course advantages of having garden furniture that is not too heavy and cumbersome.  The obvious one is that it is much easier to move around the patio and easier to pack away in the winter months.  For more information why not check out our about rattan garden furniture page which is full of articles or our Rattan Q and A on our blog.