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Patio Garden Furniture

Here at Zebrano Rattan we have a large selection of Patio Garden Furniture manufactured from our all weather synthetic rattan.  We have had many years experience in the patio garden furniture industry both here in England and in Australia.  Over those years we have sold wooden, metal, rattan and even plastic patio garden furniture.  When setting up the Zebrano website we considered all of our previous patio garden furniture ranges before opting for rattan garden furniture.  


The plastic patio garden furniture was not suitable for our new Zebrano site as it did not fit into our style and quality mandate.  We were aiming for a high quality product that delivers on price as well as style.  The plastic did not reach these levels.  Next up was the teak patio garden furniture which certainly hit the desired level of quality and style.  Despite the teak being very well suited for outdoor use we felt that the designs were a little old hat and the teak market was very much a traditional one.  We were looking for a more contemporary range, so the teak was also abandoned.


Metal patio garden furniture had made a bit of a comeback in the style stakes and with the modern metal furniture being made from aluminum, it was also good in varied weather conditions.  The aluminum furniture does not rust and the paint used can be left outside for many years without peeling or flaking off.  In the end we felt that the designs were not contemporary enough for us so once again the aluminum patio garden furniture was discounted.


Finally we settled for the all weather rattan patio garden furniture which we felt hit all the right notes.  Not only was the design contemporary it was also capable of being left outside all year round and better still we could offer it to the public at some fantastic rates.  The all weather aspect of the rattan patio garden furniture was crucial in our decision making as it is very much in demand by the public.  People don’t like the idea of putting there furniture away every night and in the case of the rattan you don’t even have to put it anyway in the winter.  Why not have a look at our ever expanding range of rattan garden furniture.