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Zebrano Life - Premium all weather cushion combined with high end Rattan Garden Furniture.

Not only premium rattan furniture but more importantly premium ALL WEATHER CUSHIONS. The new Zebrano Life premium rattan range is an exclusive range of truly all weather rattan garden furniture.

Cushions that can be left outside in all weathers, all year round and yet can stay looking as good as new are the Holy Grail for all outdoor furniture specialists. We are all used to seeing the all weather rattan but what makes the Zebrano Life range stand out from the crowd is that fact that even the cushions are able to stay outside all year round. This is the first truly all weather cushion available on the marketplace.

The LIFE brand of all weather cushions are specifically designed to remain outdoors all year round. The fabric is incredibly strong and hard wearing as well as being colour proof and UV resistant. The crucial difference with these cushions is not just the hard wearing outer surface of the cushion but more the cushion foam held within. This foam is permeable and therefore allows water to fall through and not be trapped in the fibers. This means that both the outer and more crucially the inner portion of the cushion does not hold any water and will therefore dry very quickly.

This lack of moisture held within the cushion also means that nothing can grow on the cushions. Moss, mildew etc requires the moisture to enable it to grow.

100% waterproof cushion??

We have been asked many times for 100% waterproof cushions to go with our rattan garden furniture but the truth of the matter is that what you really need is a quick drying cushion that does not allow mildew or mould to grow on it. Waterproof cushions are both very hard to get and worse than that they allow water to sit on the top and thus make the cushions both difficult to dry and susceptible to mildew and moss.

The Zebrano Life ranges of cushions are very hard wearing and very quick drying. They are perfect for outdoor use and can be sat on within 20 minutes of a downpour of rain. There is no other cushion on the marketplace that can offer this high a spec for the money.

Here at Zebrano we are very excited about the new all weather cushions and we hope you are too!

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