Indoor or outdoor Rattan Furniture?

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Indoor Or Outdoor Rattan Furniture? 

Rattan Furniture is one of the most sophisticated and stylish types of furniture you can use for your home and garden. But what is the difference between rattan furniture for your home/conservatory and rattan furniture for your garden? Here at zebrano we like to keep our customers fully informed. Natural rattan while very beautiful, does have its issues with the elements, as does any natural material. The new synthetic rattan available at Zebrano is constructed with a synthetic material that looks exactly like rattan but holds up under the most severe of weather conditions. This means that regular exposure to sun and rain will cause less damage than if the set was made of natural materials therefore extending its lifespan.

Zebrano’s rattan garden furniture is made from a fully weatherproof pvc rattan. This all weather synthetic rattan is very versatile. It is resistant to extremes of heat. It is also UV light resistant to ensure that the coloured rattan does not fade. It is light, durable and low maintenance, any dust or dirt and easily be washed off with water. The synthetic rattan is hand woven over a rust resistant frame and is designed to live outdoors all year round. For years, there were only a few choices for outdoor garden furniture that would stand up to the weather and sunlight. Zebrano is offering you some of the most stylish rattan garden furniture available on the market right now. Available on the rattan site is our all weather flat weave rattan garden furniture available in black or brown.

Last years new edition was our synthetic tubular rattan garden furniture available in cappuccino. The Tubular rattan classic styling and uk standard safety cushions mean that it can also be used indoors. Please note that the flat weave was previously not suitable for indoor use but we have now upgraded the cushions and you are now able to use it both inside and out.   


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