Flat packed versus fully assembled

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I am quick to dive in when I overhear a conversation between a customer and one of our sales staff that goes along the lines of ’but I’ve seen this set cheaper on ebay’.  The reason I dive in is because I know they have not seen this exact set cheaper on ebay.  I know due to the extensive research and because we are the largest online rattan garden furniture company that our prices are very hard to beat!  In fact we offer a price match promise which effectively makes our prices impossible to beat.  

What the customer means of course is that they feel that they have seen a rattan garden set that at the very least looks like the one they are looking at in our showroom and they feel that there is not that much difference.  Nine times out of ten this conversation ends in a trip into the office to search the internet and find this cheaper set so that we can analysis the differences.  So far I would honestly say that every time this has happened the first key difference has been the cushions.  Our cushions are not only nice and thick but they are also zipped and can therefore be easily washed.  These cheaper sets have to cut corners somewhere and they tent to start on the cushions.  

The number one difference and a key one to look out for is the whether or not the set is flat packed.  I don’t just mean because you will be there for a day trying to put the furniture together.  That in itself is not such a hard ship.  More importantly you need to consider what the furniture is going to be used for, sitting in the garden of course.  Do you really want an outdoor furniture suite to be secured by bolts which no matter how good they are, will inevitably cause some problems over time.  Are the bolts going to come loose over time?  Is it possible that they may rust and ultimately break?  I our experience the very least that happens is that the bolts become fragile and things start to wobble.  Nobody likes wobbly chairs especially after a few glasses of wine!   

Our joints are all welded in place and therefore have no opportunity to wobble.  Flat packed furniture has its place and to be very honest we have in the past offer it as a product for our customers but if you every get the chance to view flat packed rattan garden furniture next to the real deal we never fail to up sell to the better product.  The bottom line is that this furniture is meant to last for many years so you need to make sure that you buy good in the first place.  If you are after a bargain check out our rattan garden furniture sale page.