How do I clean my Rattan Furniture?

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How do I clean my Rattan Furniture?

The first port of call when looking to clean your rattan garden furniture set is good old fashioned hot soapy water.  Combine this with a little elbow grease and you should be able to clean the majority of garden dirt off your furniture.  Actually before you start you would be well advised to sweep your set with a small dustpan brush so as to remove the light dust and dirt.

You can use a normal cloth or if the stain is a little harder to remove then a light scourer will work fine.  I have had customers who use power hoses but to be honest this should not be necessary in the majority of cases.  After you have scrubbed the set with the soapy water you will need to rinse off the soap suds with a fresh bucket of water.  The soap will easily come off as the rattan has many gaps for the water to escape through.

The rattan will soon dry in the sun or you could wipe it over with a dry dish cloth so as to remove any excess liquid.  Other than that there is very little maintenance required. As you no doubt know by now the rattan is both color fast and rust resistant which means it can live outside all year round.

So to recap:

•    Brush down your rattan suite with a dustpan brush to remove excess dirt.
•    Wash rattan with hot soapy water.
•    Rinse soap suds away with clean water.
•    Either drip dry or wipe over with a dry tea towel.
•    Sit back and relax!

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