We are all reading books in the office at the moment (obviously not during working hours.) and we thought that we would share some of them with you over the next few months.  What better way to enjoy your rattan garden furniture than with a good book? A real hottie read at the moment is "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L.James. Two of us in the office are reading it at the moment and many of my friends.  Everyone is talking about Mr Grey! The book is set in Seattle and focuses on a relationship between a young literature student and a young entrepreneur, Mr Grey. I have heard the book described as "racy noval" and in places it certainly gets interesting! The book has become the New York Times No1 Best Erotic Seller and has sold over ten million copies. The Author whose name is Erika Leonard described the writing of the book as “her midlife crisis.” Its definitely an interesting midlife crisis. The book has caused much controversy in its short shelf life. Many libraries have refused to stock it due to its erotic side and fear of complaints. Ironically they are receiving more complaints for not stocking it. This book is currently sweeping the nation and everyone I know is reading it. I am nearly finished the first book which took a while to warm up but once it heated up it hasn't stopped.  My only criticism would be that I could do with a little less heat and a bit more of the story.  Luckily these books come as a trilogy so I look forward to reading the next few books.  Fingers crossed for a sunny day on my rattan garden lounger and a long read of Fifty Shades!