Summer has always been a time for everyone to break away from their own tedious routines. Apart from all of us at Zebrano rattan that is as the summer time is our busy time.  Some would choose to travel and have a holiday somewhere serene and quiet. Others would love to engage in sports clinics and summer camps. For children, summer is a time to splurge on the sun rays bare of school uniforms and homework. For me, I always seem to be spending summer dreaming of lying on rattan garden sun loungers rather than actually lying on them!  I still haven't got a pair of verona rattan loungers for myself and yet I have seen several hundred go past my office on the way to everyone elses house. However, the UK government has given a different meaning to summer. In consideration of the new set of pupils to be welcomed to secondary schools, two thousand new summer schools are now running all throughout England to conduct brain training classes for pupils who are financially disadvantaged. There are about 65,000 pupils targeted to undergo the summer schooling. In these classes, the learners are given the opportunity to focus on numeracy and literacy aside from music, art and sports. The government is said to be spending 50M pounds from the pupil premium to run the brain training camps. Mr. Clegg said this program will be of great help to those pupils who will be starting off for the secondary school. He stated that the two weeks for additional learning will aid poor pupils in catching up with the lessons ahead and having a grasp of what secondary school awaits them. This government action emerged from the fact that only 58% of poor pupils achieved the expected level of achievement as compared to 78% of other pupils. The summer classes then are aimed at providing equal footing to all pupils regardless of their economic status. It all sounds admirable enough but not sure how it will all work.  Anything that gives the kids more educational freedom sounds like a good think to me.  As long as there is not to much emphasis on exams as I am not convinced that this obsesion with results is always a good thing.  Thats a debate for another time!