Whether you’re looking at furnishings for your home or garden, you probably have a good idea of the style and type of items you’d ideally like to have. Unfortunately, if your home is more compact than you’d like, you might find that you’re struggling to accommodate all of the furniture that you want. However, if you pick a design particularly created to save on room, you might find that you can have more than you thought, without feeling cramped or overcrowded. Rattan furniture has some great space saving features and could help you make your surroundings feel spacious without having to sacrifice on essentials. Here are some of the features you might be interested in.

Cube style

If it’s a table and chairs that you want but aren’t sure how to fit it in, a cube style space saving design might provide the solution. When you’re at the table eating, there’s not much need for lots of space elsewhere but when the meal is finished, having an over-large rattan dining set can make the room look crowded and feel suffocating. Therefore, you need a style which tucks away to very small dimensions but opens out to provide lots of room when needed. A space saving cube design does just that, offering generous seating and table room when in use, but folding neatly together afterwards. The chairs have a supportive back for comfort and style but these flip over, creating a low flat top which allows the entire chair to slide completely under the table. The stools - which provide additional seating - tuck underneath the chairs with the cushions handily stored on top, creating a compact cube. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 16.03.21

Rattan cube sets are a sensible household option

This ingenious design means that the whole set only takes up the surface area of the table when not in use, as all other parts are folded away. There’s no awkward chair backs to protrude into the room, so the cube can simply be slid into a corner, out of the way. Cube style sets look so elegant and contemporary that even if you have plenty of space available, you’ll want to have one in your home or garden!

Stack it up

Rattan furniture comes in many different designs and styles, from dining sets to sofas, chairs to accessories so you can co-ordinate your whole home and garden. If you’re looking for garden furniture which isn’t too large, a stackable bistro set might be the answer. Because rattan can be left out in all types of weather, there’s a huge range of styles which you could choose from. However, a bistro set complements all types of designs and comes in a whole host of sizes, starting from sets suitable just for two people. What’s particularly useful about bistro sets is that the chairs can be stacked when they’re not in use. This means that although they remain close at hand for when they’re needed, you can clear your patio or decking when they’re not being used. This gives you the best of both worlds, and is an incredibly useful option if you don’t have enough room to leave a table and chairs up all of the time.

Corner sets

You might think of rattan corner sofas as being far larger than a traditional sofa and chair but you might be surprised at how little space it takes up. Corner sofas come in a variety of sizes so there’s smaller corner sets as well as large sprawling models to accommodate the whole spectrum of seating needs. rattan set

Rattan corner sofas are great for space saving

Smaller corner sofas can be far more economical with the space than a regular sofa set, despite giving the same amount of seating. This is because they can be placed right into the corner of the room, using up every possible spare inch rather than extending into the middle of the space. This creates the illusion of a bigger room as well as saving valuable inches. Conclusion Rattan is a lightweight material which is surprisingly strong and durable, offering delicacy without frailty. It’s this quality which allows furniture to be made which isn’t heavy and cumbersome, but instead compact without compromising on strength and toughness. Rattan furniture is available in a great number of space saving designs for both indoors and out, helping you to fit exactly what you need into your home while still looking elegant and stylish.