Seems that lately more consumers are getting frustrated over the Apple’s maps applications and this has caused the chief exec to make a public apology. Just recently, Tim Cook, Chief Executive of Apple, recognized the disappointments of their consumers over the maps software and suggested further that they should try their rival’s alternative products. The company was known to have issued a few apologies for the past few months which clients view as peculiar especially so that the apologies came from the chief executive himself. Included in this written admittance of flaws are those that tackle the error in retail stores, the mistake in the green ratings scheme and the interruption encountered by iCloud users. Most consumers think that Apple is now going out of their promise to give the best experience for them. I thought it was interesting that The Chief Exec of Apple would tell his customers to try the opposition’s products.  When I thought about it a bit more I realized that here at Zebrano Rattan we do that all the time!  Zebrano pledged to provide quality rattan furniture with different sizes, features and shapes but with the same kind of paramount provision of relaxation and comfort. Our products are consistently produced with stunning looks and contemporary designs that suit the preference of our clients. We strive further to keep up with our promise of quality so that we can continue to offer great value for money.  To prove that all this is true we often send our local customer down to the various garden centres around the area to check out the rattan furniture.  Seems like everyone is selling rattan furniture at the moment and therefore there is no shortage of locations for our customer to have a look.  Obviously we send our customer away with a check list to make sure that they know what to look out for.
  • Aluminium frames  -  you don’t want the frame to rust while the rattan looks ok on top.
  • Comfort  - should be my number one actually as its all very well looking good but its got to be comfy if your sitting in the garden for a while.
  • Are the cushions zipped and washable?  -  Seems trivial but without this I wonder how long your suite will stay clean with beige or crème cushions?
There are of course many more points to look out for but I guess that can be discussed another day. Apple is now viewed as the world’s largest gadget producer offering to us not only state-of-art technology but also inconceivable possibilities turned into reality.   Personally I love the Apple range of products but you can see the competition hot on their heels so they had better not get complacent.  Same goes here actually as we pride ourselves on being the number one rattan garden furniture online retailer but you have got to keep striving forwards as you can bet that the rivals are doing their best to catch us! In conclusion I say check out the competition to see whats on offer but make sure that the quality is the same or you may well end up disapointed.  As ever we are here to help if you need us. Author