Rattan Garden Cube Set with footstools Not content with our new videos on our rattan garden furniture website we have decided to add spinning images as well.  This is not just to enhance the customer experience from a visual point of view but more importantly to give the customer a better understanding of what it is they are purchasing.  In the case of the rattan cube shown above we have for years tried to put into words the flexibility of the set.  The fold up backs and and stools that closed underneath the table.  It has not always made sense to the customer exactly what it is we are trying to say.  However now you simple need to take a look at the image for 20 seconds and you will instantly see the benefits of the set. We have probably completed around 80% of the revolving images on the the Zebrano Rattan Garden Furniture website and we are confident that it enhances the overall understanding of our products.  Videos are another great avenue to show off our products and we intend to keep bringing new and updated videos to the site as and when they are completed.   For now I will leave you with the spinning cube and get back to the wonderful world of rattan garden furniture!!!