Replacement Maze Rattan Cushion Covers



Wow we have been busy bee’s here at Zebrano and the replacement cushion cover idea has been a roaring success.  That said we have been inundated with requests for replacement covers and our stocks have been fully depleted.  Therefore we have had to call time on the replacement covers for the rest of the 2015 season.

Need some new Cushion Covers for your Maze Rattan Garden Furniture? New for 2015 we are supplying spare cushion covers for your Maze rattan garden furniture.   Zebrano has been a supplier of Maze Rattan products for the last 6 years.  We have sold a lot of Maze Rattan garden furniture!  When I say a lot, I mean a LOT!

SOLD OUT FOR 2015!!!!

Maze rattan offer a great quality product at a great price and that is the main reason we chose to offer their product.   The cushion covers are zipped which is another feature we like as not all manufacturers offer zipped cushion covers.  The cushion covers have a showerproofing but this will not last forever.  When I say showerproof I mean they can withstand a short light shower or spilling a drink.  If you throw some water at the cushions you will see drops of water roll off the cushions.  This is brilliant, however they are not waterproof!  If left outdoors all the time they will loose their water resistance and become soggy!   But don’t panic as we all do it! Myself included!  I am guilty of not bringing in the garden cushions but have been lucky!  A few times they have got soaked through having been left out side in the rain.  That said they do recover and dry out again after a period in the sunshine.   However after 6years I wouldn't mind a fresh new set of seat covers for my garden cube.

SOLD OUT FOR 2015!!!!

cushion_colours-zebrano We have had lots of phone calls over the last 2-3 years asking for another set of cushion covers so this year we have taken the plunge and ordered a whole range of spare cushion covers for you.   So if you have had your garden furniture for a few years and fancy a fresh set then give us a ring and we will see if we have some to fit your furniture.  Alternatively if your ordering some garden furniture and want a spare set then just ask and we will see what we can do for you.

SOLD OUT FOR 2015!!!!

Customer service is our priority in 2015 and we want to do every thing we can to ensure our customers get the best service.  We are hoping that by supplying spares such as cushion covers we are offering our customers that little bit more than other retailers.