Rattan Style Garden Furniture

Rattan Style Garden furniture


Essential elements for an astonishing garden design.  Rattan style garden furniture can add the finishing touches to some great outdoor design.

Beautiful lines, a perfect balance, the perfect set of furniture, complementary lighting, they are all recipes for success when it comes to garden design.  For instance, choosing appropriate lines will bring together all the elements in the general design, making out of it a whole.  Also, one should always consider lines when making additions or bringing new elements.  Curved lines like those you find in rattan sofa sets such as Zebrano’s Half Moon Corner Sofa Set add a mystique air and draw the attention to the landscape.   Straight lines like those found on Maze Rattan London Corner Sofa add a sense of order and stability.  However, some general rules of integrating diverse elements in the design of a garden, you will find below.


1. Play with artificial light at night

A warm backlighting in the evening and morning will put a special light on your plants bringing them to life in a rather dark, mysterious environment.  Fact is, good lighting will put all the other garden elements in a positive context, from your astounding rattan style garden furniture set, especially if it has vintage, romantic lines. And although natural light depends entirely on your garden’s positioning and placement, you can play with artificial light in order to create the desired design.  Choose warm lighting if you want to create a soothing outdoor context.  This could be accomplished by placing small night lamps nearby your house, but also on a side and another of your alleys, and if you opt for a fire pit, it will back up as a great source of light as well.  These kinds of light sources create a great visual impact by playing with shadows and rays of light.

 half moon rattan sofa

2. Different textures generate strong emotional responses

If you have a set of rattan garden furniture, a step is already accomplished if you want to create a textured outdoor design.  By mixing the rattan itself with diverse fabrics that might be used for the pillows, you add diversity in the context, making it easier for people to identify with the entire design.  Both visual and tactile textures make an environment more appealing.  Nearby your rattan set, for instance, try to place plants with strong colours and textures.  Deep green, nervy plants placed nearby a soft beige set of furniture will generate both responses you expect: tactile and visual. 

3. Strong forms bring harmony

Without a central element, it becomes difficult to create an outdoor harmony.  In such cases, everything else might seem misplaced.  For proper results when you take into account strong forms, it would be best to start from the garden centrepieces, which oftentimes are found as garden furniture, and build the rest in a strong correspondence with them.  The form, shape and colour of your plants should complement the furniture, while the furniture itself should have elements from your house’s architecture.  A strong co-dependency is what you want to create, if you want proper results. 

rattan style garden furniture

4. Coherence meets unity

All your elements, starting with your plants, furniture, lights, should be part of the same play.  Otherwise, you will create a hard to understand mess that will shortly become tiring and irritating.  Make sure all your elements create unity, since this is what will create a relaxing and enjoyable environment.